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August 17, 2007

Alena Sharp


Q. Well, now that you are going to make the cut line anyway, but that putt on 18 was pretty impressive.
ALENA SHARP: Well, it's a nerve-wracking hole when you're one off the cut line and you need to hit a good drive, and I killed my drive. It was probably the best drive I've hit this week and had a wedge into the green. I wanted to make sure I got it to the pin.
Didn't know which way the putt was going to break, and I just played it center and it went straight in, so it was nice to make that putt on the last hole. It was a good way to finish.
I played well today. I had one bad hole, one bad bounce, but other than that, it was a good day.

Q. Not to be poetic, but the hopes of a nation I think ride on your driver tomorrow.
ALENA SHARP: Yeah, I have a lot of work to do. It was hard the last couple days. It was like I wasn't as -- not that I wasn't as focused as I've been, but it's hard when you're trying so hard to do well at your own tournament, and you don't think of it -- you don't think you're doing it when you're out there, but subconsciously it's there. I was just glad to make that putt on the last hole and make the cut. It's the first Canadian Open cut that I've made, and I think I've played in the last two or three and I haven't made any cuts, so it was great to finally make the cut.

Q. You said yesterday that you're not playing just to make cuts anymore, you're playing to try and win, so now you look at what's ahead of you for the next two days. Do you look at it as a daunting task? Have you even have a chance to think about the next two days?
ALENA SHARP: I need to hit better iron shots into the greens to give myself a chance at birdie. I had a lot of 20-footers, and if you want to shoot under par out here, you need to hit it within 15 feet as the greens are tricky to read. I'll just work on my iron play the next two days. I've shot low rounds before, so it's not to say that it's out of the question.

Q. Are you going to be watching the leaderboard at all?
ALENA SHARP: No, I'm not going to watch the leaderboard. I'm just going to try and start with a birdie on the first hole tomorrow.

Q. You have to break, what, a 34-year drought for Canadians, and your club cover is a Toronto Maple Leaf. I think you know where I'm going with this.
ALENA SHARP: You know, it's something that -- obviously all of us want a Canadian to win, but if it's not good enough by the end of Sunday, I still have a lot of years under my belt to try and win this tournament. Not saying that it's impossible, but eight shots is hard to come back from when all those great names are at the top of the leaderboard, but I'll do my best.

Q. Any thoughts on the RCGA programs over the years, the kinds of things that helped you to develop and become an elite player?
ALENA SHARP: Yeah, when I was a junior it was more CLGA, Marlene Streit Awards, but I really think it's a great thing that they're doing with the junior golf. I didn't have the chance to play in the Canadian Open when I was a junior, and now there's lots of juniors out here playing, and I think that it's a step in the right direction for Canadian women's golf, and we need more pros out here. I think it's great what the RCGA is doing.

Q. I think the direction you're going with that question was maybe you should get rid of the Leafs cover if you don't want the jinx.
ALENA SHARP: I just let that in one ear and out the other. I guess. We don't really watch hockey that much in Phoenix. That's where I live in the winter, and the Leafs are coming to down and I'll be going to that game.

Q. Can you think about some of the Canadian ladies who have kind of gone before you, obviously Lorie Kane, Nancy Harvey has been out here 19 years. Have any of these players -- have you had an opportunity to talk to them in recent years about --
ALENA SHARP: No, but I see that Lorie has got a lot of pressure on her, especially being sponsored by CN, and this is CN's tournament. I know she has a lot of pressure on her. She's doing the best she can, so are all of us. It's going to happen one day. It might not happen this year, but it is going to happen. I know it's 1974, it's been a while, so hopefully it'll happen sometime soon.

Q. Have you always been a fan then?
ALENA SHARP: Yeah, I've always been a Leafs fan.

Q. From Hamilton?
ALENA SHARP: Well, it was either Toronto or Buffalo. Buffalo is more of a winning team than Toronto. I started to really like them when I went to the game. There's so many people there, it's always a sellout and it's always a fun game to go to. The Leaf fans aren't fair-weather fans because they're always there. We've missed the Playoffs the last couple years and it's still sold out. It's always a fun game to go to. I guess that's why I like them.

Q. On the greens do you get a little bit of ribbing with the head covers?
ALENA SHARP: No (laughing). This week I have. A lot of people have said, take that head cover off and get the Oilers' head cover on there. I told one guy to buy me one and I would put it on there, but I didn't see him today.

Q. Is golf a superstitious sport say like baseball or something?
ALENA SHARP: I think it is. Look at the way golfers warm up. They warm up with the same clubs, they mark their ball with the same coin most of the time, they put their clubs in the same area in their bag, they do the same things before they play. Like I do, I know I'm very -- I guess I wouldn't call it superstitious, it's more of a routine.

Q. To that end, your head cover is a team that's got a 40-year drought.
ALENA SHARP: God, you guys just won't let this drop (laughter).

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