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August 17, 2007

Steve Marino


Q. Go back again. You left your yardage book at home?
STEVE MARINO: I left it in the hotel. I didn't real realize until I was halfway through lunch this afternoon. I had to rush back to the hotel to go get it.

Q. At what point in the round did you realize that you had a pretty good round? Did you feel comfortable on the first tee?
STEVE MARINO: Yeah. I felt pretty good right off the bat, you know. My swing has been feeling really good the last couple days and, you know, going into it you know it's a golf course where if you're hitting the ball well you're going to have a lot of looks at birdie.
I was just really looking forward to go out and play and hitting some good shots and giving myself good looks at birdie.

Q. Off the course, some of the guys saying the rough ain't so bad; is that true A, and, B, does it make you a little bit more aggressive off the tees?
STEVE MARINO: Yeah, I think that's true. Yeah, you can be a little more aggressive off the tees. You don't want to be in the rough, that's for sure. If you find yourself in there, there's really nothing to stop you from hitting it on the green.
I might shoot away from some of the pins but, you know, especially when you got a wedge in your hand out of the rough, it's not that big of a deal.

Q. How are your good friends with Jeff?
STEVE MARINO: We actually just met this year on the Tour and, you know, we've gone out together a few times, gone out to dinner and he's a good guy.

Q. The position you're in, you've been near the leaders all weekend a lot of times. What do you take away from that if you can apply that?
STEVE MARINO: Just to go out and play my game and try not to let those, you know, outside things affect what I do, how I think. You know, it's just another round of golf and I know it you sounds cliche but that's the way everybody has got to think about it, not just me but anybody who finds themselves in this position.
I've won some tournaments before. I can draw back on those experiences and I might be a little bit nervous but I think I've got it.

Q. Those outside things bothered you in the past?
STEVE MARINO: No, not really. Maybe early on in my golfing career, maybe in college and on the minitours you know, I first found myself near the lead but, you know, it's the same thing be it a college tournament, a Junior Golf tournament or on the PGA Tour. It's just a bigger stage. You've got to do the same things you normally do.

Q. How refreshing is it that you're finally getting a chance to beat up on the golf course?
STEVE MARINO: It's a nice change of pace. We've played some very difficult golf courses this year. Most of the golf courses we play are pretty tough. It's nice to be able to go out and know that there is 62 or 63 out there if you play well.

Q. Your putt on 9, looked like you got a little bounce right off the get-go. Is that what kept it out?
STEVE MARINO: Yeah. I just didn't hit it hard enough. It just broke right out of the hole at the very end. I think with a little bit more speed it would have gone in.

Q. How disappointing was it?
STEVE MARINO: Not really. You can't make them all especially from 25 feet. In the afternoon the greens are a little bumpy. Everybody has been walking on them all day. Obviously I would have liked to have made that. I gave it a good run. That's all I can ask for.

Q. Your chip shot didn't put you in a good position.
STEVE MARINO: I didn't hit the best chip shot in the world but, you know, I played well all day so I'm not disappointed at all.

Q. So how confident are you going into round 3 at this point?
STEVE MARINO: I'm very confident. I'm swinging at the ball really well and I feel like I'm putting well so, you know, hopefully I can maintain that throughout the weekend.

Q. Thank you.

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