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August 17, 2007

John Huston


Q. Talk about, you know, shooting yourself into it.
JOHN HUSTON: I'm happy with the way I've driven the ball and, you know, hitting a lot of greens and giving myself chances, that way it doesn't put that much pressure on my putting. I actually putted pretty decent for the first couple days.

Q. How close were you Thursday morning?
JOHN HUSTON: Really close. I got here 7 minutes before my tee time and put my shoes on and went to the tee.
I probably had no chance because, you know, by the time I got past -- I guess the dump truck turned over, you know, it had to be about 15 minutes until my tee time and, you know, I just -- I drove the speed limit the rest of the way and fortunately got here on time.
I had already called the tournament office and told them I didn't think I was going to make it.

Q. Why did you call in? Any leeway on that?
JOHN HUSTON: No. Actually I called more because I know there's probably somebody sitting there waiting and, you know, if I'm not going to make it, they can jump into my spot so we'll have someone. Fortunately I made it.

Q. You went right to the tee?
JOHN HUSTON: Like my son likes to go right to the tee so when we play at home, he doesn't like to go to the range and warm up so that's happened a little bit but it's definitely not ideal going straight to the tee.

Q. What would it mean for you to win, got two more rounds to go?
JOHN HUSTON: It's a long ways to go. Obviously, you know, I haven't played very good at all this year. That's an understatement. But I think winning at this point in my life I would appreciate it a lot more and, you know, I would enjoy it a lot more.

Q. Just because you're getting up there?
JOHN HUSTON: You know, when you're younger and win, it's okay, I'm going to win every week. Then it doesn't happen and you get frustrated and down on yourself and, you know, then I'm going to appreciate how hard it really is to win, how well things have to go and I just would appreciate it more.

Q. What does happen? How much of it is you taking over or catch a break here or there?
JOHN HUSTON: A little bit. Actually more putts dropping and I think if I can keep driving the ball, you know, then I hit a lot of greens and give myself chances but I mean, you know, like the first 8 holes today I didn't make a birdie and, you know, I putted on every hole.
I think I missed one green but I was in the fringe 12 feet and, you know, you can't force it to happen. The ball has got to want to go in.

Q. Are you able to be a little more aggressive off the tees, some of the guys saying the rough is just not --
JOHN HUSTON: It's not as bad as it has been. I think you can still get a bad lie. For me, I still much prefer being in the fairway and not taking a chance on hitting one of those rotten ones. It's always a big advantage being in the fairway.

Q. Tomorrow just going to see how it goes?
JOHN HUSTON: I'm going to err on the side of safe, definitely, the next couple of days.

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