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August 17, 2007

Paula Creamer


THE MODERATOR: Paula, on your front nine, obviously making the turn it was birdies five out of the last six holes, a couple tough par 3s coming in, but you're still sitting pretty well going into the weekend.
PAULA CREAMER: I played really good today. I made a lot of good birdies. It was unfortunate, one bad swing on that par 3, No. 4 made a double, and then I missed a three-footer on the other par 3, a three-putt from 30 feet, which is not very good.
But overall I'm pleased with the way I'm playing. My confidence is there, and hopefully go out and have a good weekend.
THE MODERATOR: Can we go over your scorecard?
PAULA CREAMER: I started on the back nine, so No. 15 I hit driver, 9-iron to about -- I had about 120 yards to about five feet.
16, I hit I think it was a 160, 165, hit a 6-iron to about 25 feet, 30 feet left of the hole.
17, driver, 8-iron from about 140 yards to about 12 feet above the hole.
Then 18, 160, driver, and then I had 160, hit a little 6-iron to about 15 feet.
Birdie on 2, I hit 3-wood, and then I had about 105 yards. I hit a little wedge to about seven feet.
And then double on 4. I hit a 6-iron, I think it was about 160, somewhere around there, miles right, like almost on the next tee box right, and then I hit a tree and then I chipped it over the green and then I chipped it to like two feet, three feet and made that.
Then a three-putt on 8, I hit a little 5-iron about 170 yards and three-putt from 30 feet.

Q. With an up-and-down round like that, do you try to forget about the individual holes and think about the overall score which was pretty good today?
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah, when I made my double on 4, I had five holes left and I wanted to come in at 8. That was my goal was to get in at 8 after that point. I had a bogey in there, but this golf course, if you have a lot of confidence and you're starting to move along well, you can make a string of birdies like I did. If you get the speed of the greens, it all comes down to putting out here.

Q. What is your strategy for the weekend? Do you need to change anything heading toward Sunday? And I guess a two-parter, are you a leaderboard watcher?
PAULA CREAMER: I'll be a leaderboard watcher on Sunday. Tomorrow will be moving day, I'll make a lot of birdies. But depending on the weather, pars might be good scores. You don't know what you're going to get. But just to come out and have the confidence that I've been having I think is the biggest thing, and I'll look at the leaderboard probably back nine Sunday. That's when you really have to start kind of thinking about it.

Q. The second shot on No. 4, I couldn't quite see what happened there.
PAULA CREAMER: I don't know what happened, either (laughter). Like I hit it, and I said, "Where did it go?" And they're like, "It went over there." I'm like, "I don't understand, how did it get there?" I kind of had a downhill lie, I was kind of just trying to flop it. But I had the best of lies, and I think I kind of -- not a skull, but I hit it low, and I think it hit the branches right in front of me and went down. That's the only way I can think of. I had no idea where it went, either.

Q. It seems that a number of golfers have gotten on a pretty good rhythm and then had a bit of a hiccup. I don't know if comforting is the right word because you don't wish ill will on anybody, but just knowing that maybe nobody has played a flawless round around here, kind of leaves it pretty wide open for the weekend?
PAULA CREAMER: It does, you're right. Like I said, I had lots of confidence going around, and then one bad swing and look what happened.
But I think that it's just coming out and taking pars on the hard holes and trying to make as many birdies on the holes that you have looks at. That's the biggest thing is turning those opportunities into something.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Paula, for joining us. Good luck this weekend.

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