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August 17, 2007

Laura Diaz


THE MODERATOR: Thank you all for coming in. Laura, you're obviously a little bit disappointed with the way you finished but you're still within one shot of the lead going into the weekend.
LAURA DIAZ: Yeah, that really doesn't make a difference right now in my mind. I just three-putted the last two holes. The one was acceptable, the three-putt on 17, because I was like a million miles away.
But the one on 18, I knew it was quick, but I hadn't had a quick putt all day, and it went four feet by and I wasn't planning on that. Anyway, yes, I was disappointed.
THE MODERATOR: Can we go over your scorecard real quick? Birdie on 2.
LAURA DIAZ: I hit it about 12 feet with a sand wedge. I had 96 yards to the pin -- I hit a 52-degree, sorry.
7, I had 148 yards to the pin. I hit a 9-iron that was downwind to about five feet.
16, I hit 7-iron to a foot.
And then I hit it in the rough off the 17th tee, and I had like 147 yards to the pin, and I was just playing to the front and hit my 9-iron and hit well short of the front, and it went all the way to the back of the green. And then I thought it would be quick, and I left it 12 feet short, then I just missed the second putt.
And on 18 I had I wedge from 124 yards, I hit it to nine feet, then I hit my first putt four feet by.

Q. On 16 you and Amy, it looked like it was a competition, you both put it right in there. Can you talk about what you saw how she shot and how you approached that hole and maybe the momentum you thought you did have coming off that birdie?
LAURA DIAZ: Well, we couldn't tell how close her shot really was. I mean, it was like this. We were shocked that it didn't go in. It's always nice to see a good shot before you, and I felt good getting up there and hitting another one. So that was exciting for the crowd. They were really into it.
And yeah, I felt pretty good going into 17. Starting on about the 11th hole I was getting a little tired, and I said that to my husband. I was just trying to battle my way through it, made a tired swing off of 17. I hit it left in the rough, and here we are basically.

Q. After you get over the last two holes, maybe tomorrow morning when you tee off, you're one shot out of the lead, it's wide open, is it not?
LAURA DIAZ: There's definitely a lot of golf to be played. I think that we've showed that in the last two days. The scores were obviously low again today, and I think that it suits everyone's eye. Definitely 36 holes to go, 36 more opportunities to make birdies and eagles, and yeah, just got to get over what just happened.

Q. One of the players who are chasing, Juli Inkster, who won this event in 1984. What's it like -- I know it's not Sunday yet, but going into the weekend against a veteran like that who's been down this stretch a million times before?
LAURA DIAZ: Well, I don't really look at it as going after a player. I play the golf course, and I can't control what any other player does out there. Sometimes I can't even control myself.
You know, I'm out there battling myself and the golf course, and it's great to see Juli playing well. She's an incredible player, has been for many, many years, and has been playing really well in the last two months, so I'm happy to see her up there. It'll be a fun weekend.

Q. How do you put the last two holes out of your mind? As soon as you got out here that was the one thing that you focused on. After you get out of here do you start thinking about 16 and the great shot you made there and try to put 17 and 18 out of your mind, or how do you go about doing that heading into tomorrow?
LAURA DIAZ: I'll probably just call home (laughing) and try and talk to my son. That usually does it. That's the one thing that's good when he's here; I can see him and that usually takes away any pain that I'm feeling at the time.
You know, it is just golf, and the best thing for me probably right now is just to leave, which is what I was planning on doing but then you guys wanted to talk to me (laughter).

Q. Another name up there, Ochoa, 6-under. Did you look at that leaderboard already and go, oh, crap, she's there again?
LAURA DIAZ: No. I mean, like I said, I go out there with the same mindset every day. I'm happy to be where I'm at. You know, this is a good place to be, and I'm sure that everyone is going into the weekend with the same aggressive attitude, go out and see how many birdies they can make, and that's what I'm going to do.
Obviously Lorena is having a fantastic year, but like I said about Juli, I can't control anything that she does. That's about all there is to say about that.

Q. Do you look at it as a good round? Are you still pretty happy with -- coupled with yesterday and where you are and still pretty satisfied with everything, and do you look at it as a good round?
LAURA DIAZ: No. It was a frustrating round because I hit a lot of good shots. I had a lot of nine- and ten- and twelve-footers out there today that lipped out, that hung on the edge, that broke away that I didn't see them breaking, so I was really battling frustration out there instead of battling the golf course.
I shot 1-under, not that that's a bad round. It's not a bad round, but it's all in how I got to 1-under, I suppose, and in my mind I just see that it could have been so much better than it was. So I just have to take some time and figure out how to do better tomorrow.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you all. Laura, good luck for the weekend.

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