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August 17, 2007

Joey Sindelar


JOEY SINDELAR: Lots of good memories. Lots of it is a weather difference. The year I won it was actually flirting with sleet and no leaves on the trees and now look at this, we're limping our way into the clubhouse.
Weather is amazing. I've seen two substantial make-overs of the golf course so I've seen three versions altogether but, all in all, it's going to -- these are wonderful people and it's been a blast.

Q. What if you continue to play well here, what are your chances -- is there something you like about the place?
JOEY SINDELAR: I have not continued to play well. So far so good this week but I think the 20 years in between, they were not brilliant but, you know what, when -- for me when I win in a place, there's just -- it runs pretty deep, you know, and it's just fun to come back and reexplore all those feelings and so that's why I've always been here.

Q. Will this be last time? You'll turn 50 next year.
JOEY SINDELAR: Likely the last time. It's been that kind of a year for me. Every other place I've gone it's been, "Is this it?" So, very, very bittersweet but I've got a wonderful place to go but it's sad leaving at the same time.

Q. You're about 40 spots out of the FedExCup standings and you need a Top-5 here. Are you thinking about that at all?
JOEY SINDELAR: Very outside. That's it. That's exactly how I figured it. I'm not sure. I haven't done any math but I didn't even do a pointswise, I did it money list wise and I figured that if I could do fifth or better or fourth or better, that that probably comes pretty close and, you know what, I try to do that every week so maybe this one will just fall into place.

Q. Also a big year with your son going off to college, your alma mater. What's it been this whole year?
JOEY SINDELAR: You know, that's it. You play 20-some years on the Tour and, you know, except for bigger things like having children or things like that, you pretty much do what you do and then this year as all the guys have that have now gone on to the Champions Tour, their kids go to college, they're changing jobs, retiring from something that they've done since they were little kids and it's tough. It's great. I mean it's both at the same time. It's a very wacky experience and it's been a very bizarre year mindsetwise.

Q. No thought to doing what Fred Funk is, doing both Tours?
JOEY SINDELAR: I'm not quite as good as Fred Funk, number one. Number two, unless I get on my horse and ride I won't have any eligibility choice. I'll have plenty of eligibility on the Champions.
But you know what, even if I won, even if I were to win sometime between here and the end of the year, I think that, you know, my place is probably there. I still think like I'm capable of winning here but, you know, something about life about without having to make a cut on Friday is very appealing.

Q. Is there anything on this circuit you'll miss?
JOEY SINDELAR: Everything, absolutely everything. This is the premiere place in the world to do this job and we're pampered like little babies and big babies and this doesn't get any better.
It's a fun place. It's been 24 years. I'll miss everything.

Q. You accepted my loaded question well.
JOEY SINDELAR: What did you say? I see. Yes, being facetious. I'm a little punch dry.

Q. Speaking of being pampered, how much are you looking forward to the shower today?
JOEY SINDELAR: Shower. I am very much. This kind of -- although it doesn't seem quite as bad as Williamsburg in August, the Kingsmill Tournament. That was my definition of torture. This came very, very close although I hear last week was worse in Tulsa but, yes, I'm looking forward to that but it's fun to play some good golf.

Q. I appreciate it.
JOEY SINDELAR: Thank you guys.

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