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August 17, 2007

Jeff Overton


CHRIS REIMER: Alright, Jeff. 12-under for the tournament. I have to think it feels pretty good to be in this situation.
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, anytime you're leading a PGA TOUR event. I don't know if I'll still be leading by the end of the day. I had a lot of good shots.
Anytime you're hitting the driver straight and far and good short irons, you're going to do well. I'm pumped, yeah.
CHRIS REIMER: Is this something you've seen coming? Has your game been getting to this point or is this kind out of blue this week?
JEFF OVERTON: I've been hitting it just unbelievable in the last five, six weeks and it's just -- I haven't been putting it very well and this week I've just been hitting it even better and I've been hitting it close and then I'm cleaning up -- I'm cleaning up most of my putts inside of ten feet.
I missed -- I haven't made all of them you like to but probably missed four, five but, you know, I'm making a considerable amount.
CHRIS REIMER: Take some questions for Jeff.

Q. You're over the last putt at. Did you have any nightmares from yesterday on 18?
JEFF OVERTON: I hit a good putt yesterday. I fixed a little ball mark inside right edge and ran it right over the left side of it and hopped a little right.
Unfortunately, the greens are so soft out there because they have to water them so much from the sun that around the hole they're getting beat up from the spikes.
You know, you can't -- you hit good putts and sometimes they just don't go in. You've got to be patient and continue to hit it close. I mean I had the putt. I hit a good putt on the last hole today, kind of bounced off line a little.
I've missed all kinds of putts this week. Little 6-footer on the other par 5 that I had for eagle, that was an awful stroke but, you know, you can't make them all.

Q. What exactly -- five weeks ago you say you started hitting the ball better. Did you see somebody about that or did it just come to its own?
JEFF OVERTON: I've gone back to Indiana, saw my college coach and saw my pro from back home, kind of just worked with both of them a little bit and, you know, I was just videoing myself and I was like, "Wow, looks really good."
I mean whenever I get into competition for some reason I just haven't been putting good swings on it and just been struggling getting -- using my emotions to my advantage and so far I've just been really taking that energy and making positive energy.
It really helped watching last week watch Tiger. He plays -- he's so good at what he does. It's just -- I mean he's such a phenomenal guy and person and the way he plays, you just learn so much from him, and sitting back home on the couch not getting a chance to play in the PGA and sitting there, I want to be there and just going back and just trying to practice and dedicate your life the way he does towards it and try to be in his shoes once.

Q. Jeff, you mentioned how things change, you know, trying to keep that same mindset. What changes when you get to the weekend? I mean have you figured that out or is it just something that a flaw or anything? What can you do?
JEFF OVERTON: More than anything, nothing changes. You just go out there and play your game and, you know, if you get to the last three holes you got a four shot lead you might think about hitting 2-iron off the hole.
There's a game plan and you just go out there and we're going to hit -- just take each shot for what it's worth and trying to hit it, everyone of them as good as we can.

Q. Jeff, the trophy on your right there has a name on it. I'm sure you'd love to take that trophy on Sunday as well as the check that goes with it.
Does the name Sam Snead really mean anything? Do you have any memories other than the fact he was a great player from the past?
JEFF OVERTON: You know, unfortunately I'm such -- so young that I didn't get a chance to see such a phenomenal person and player and watch him but, you know, it does because anytime you get a name like that and all the stuff they've done for this game, I mean it's -- it would really mean a lot to me.
CHRIS REIMER: Talk about watching Tiger at the PGA and what you learned from that, are there specific things you learned from watching his swing or more of just how he goes about the game and how he goes about playing?
JEFF OVERTON: It's just watching him and he's just such -- he's so tenacious. It's like he almost uses his mind more than anybody else, like he uses his mind and puts extra adrenaline in his veins whenever he hits it. It's really cool.

Q. Tulsa last weekend was pretty hot, too. Did you pick anything up about how he was able to deal with the heat?
JEFF OVERTON: I noticed he was using a white towel. Better get an extra towel for the weekend.

Q. Talk a little bit about watching Tiger. What can you take from not just that -- I'm sure you followed him before -- that you can apply to this weekend?
JEFF OVERTON: The guys that win out here every week no matter who it is -- you watch Tiger last week. I'd like to see his stats from putting inside ten feet. That was my goal this week because I've been hitting it really good, really well and I just -- unfortunately, I have not been able to clean those putts like he would up inside of ten feet.
That's my goal for the rest of the week to be really solid and make putts and make all those putts inside ten feet.
CHRIS REIMER: Keep it in 6 inches then.
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah. Keep it in the closer, right?
CHRIS REIMER: Let's go through your round for your birdies and bogies and what you hit on those holes if you could. I believe you started on 10.
JEFF OVERTON: I just tried to hit kind of an average height driver out there, kind of hit it off the toe a little. Was in the first cut in the left. Hit an 8-iron and tapped it in.
CHRIS REIMER: Bogey on 14.
JEFF OVERTON: I hit a 3-wood off the tee and kind of hooked it a little in the rough and then hit an awful shot to the right and then chipped it on like eight feet and missed it.
CHRIS REIMER: Come right back with a birdie.
JEFF OVERTON: Hit a little 3-wood in to like six feet and missed it and tapped in birdie.
JEFF OVERTON: 16, hit a driver down the middle and had 7-iron to five feet below the hole and made it.
JEFF OVERTON: Hit driver down the right side in the first cut, hit a 9-iron to five feet and made it.
CHRIS REIMER: Seven pars, then it's got to feel good to finish with birdie birdie on 8 and 9.
What did you hit own those two holes?
JEFF OVERTON: 8 was playing really good. Tough. 230 wind out of the right. I hit a little easy 3-iron hybrid club and went to about 12 feet, I would say, and finally got one to go in.
CHRIS REIMER: Then on 9, 2-putt.
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah. Hit 256. I hit my 3-iron hybrid and hit a hard draw in there about 15 feet and 2-putt.
CHRIS REIMER: Anything else guys for Jeff? Alright. Best of luck this weekend.
JEFF OVERTON: Thanks. I appreciate it.

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