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August 16, 2007

Jeff Overton


Q. On a hot Thursday afternoon, Jeff Overton a great 7-under par 65. 17 greens?
JEFF OVERTON: I've been hitting it really well the last few weeks and starting with the putter and, you know, been working real hard last week, had last week off and really prepared hard and we're just going to continue to grind away and hopefully I don't miss anymore of those little 3-footers like I did on the last.

Q. To miss a 3-footer and still shoot 65, that's pretty nice?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, we'll take it.

Q. You know where are you on the FedExCup points list. You know what it's going to take this week. Yet you've done what you needed to do for round one.
JEFF OVERTON: So far we're right there in position. Everybody is going to get some bad breaks and hit some bad shots so it's just a matter of how we do it with the bad shots.
Most of the week we're going to really buckle down hard and hit good drives and get putts.

Q. These soft greens even in the afternoon. You get to turn around and play in the morning. You got to be licking your chops for that.
JEFF OVERTON: You're always excited when you get a stab at it like tomorrow. You got to focus on each shot and just take it for what each shot is worth and you can only do so much with them.
You never know if you play hard, play easy, just got to shoot as good as you can.

Q. Can't get ahead of yourself?
JEFF OVERTON: That's exactly right.

Q. Congratulations again on a great 65.
JEFF OVERTON: Thank you very much.

Q. Great round. What happened on 18 with the 4-footer?
JEFF OVERTON: I had a ball mark in my way. The greens are soft and a lot of spike marks and I just -- I tried to pound it in the back of the hole, inside right putt and it hit that little divot, kind of bounced every so softly right and it was enough to knock it off line.
Maybe I could have had it -- I hit a pretty good one there. Can't do anything about it.

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