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August 16, 2007

Lucas Glover


Q. Well, talk about the round today, first of all.
LUCAS GLOVER: I got off to a good start, 7-under through 11. Then kind of hit the brakes on the back or, my front. I had to get some up and downs for pars but it was a good start, good start to the week so I'm, all in all, very pleased.

Q. Those kind of numbers you were rolling up, was it hard not to look at the scoreboard this early in the tournament?
LUCAS GLOVER: I watch the board everyday, you know, see how my friends are doing, see what's leading but I'm a looker. I don't think Parcells is coaching in the 4th without knowing what the score is but that's just me. I had to steal that line.
So I watch and, you know, yeah, I knew what was going on. Kept trying to make birdies. Didn't change anything.

Q. Were you surprised the score was as low in the afternoon session as it was in the morning?
LUCAS GLOVER: No. As warm as it was this afternoon. They got the smoother end of the greens. We got the heat. The ball was probably going 20 yards further this afternoon if I had to guess, I don't know. I hit some shots that I went, "Oh, it went along way."
We've got shorter clubs in, they got smoother greens. Probably evened out.

Q. As far as your playing, how do you feel doing into the weekend now?
LUCAS GLOVER: I got to play tomorrow and see if I get to play Saturday because you never know. Not a very nice game. I feel pretty good after 7-under and, you know, putted well. That was the big thing. I made a lot of 10 to 12-footers early so that kind of got things going.

Q. Lucas, you and Will and Carl, all Carolina ties, does that give you a little bit more motivation for something like this or not really play into it?
LUCAS GLOVER: Not really. If anything, you kind of try to ignore it because there's probably a little more activity going on but for me it's fun to have friends and family out.

Q. With the scoring as low as it is, how much pressure do you feel to keep that low scoring up going into tomorrow?
LUCAS GLOVER: You know you got to do it. Do the same things you did today. Put the ball in the fairway and take advantage of when you get the short clubs in and the par-5s.
I had three two-putt birdies on the par-5s. You know, you know what you got to do, got to execute and keep doing the right stuff.

Q. How good have you been lately in doing that following up with another good round?
LUCAS GLOVER: I haven't had any good rounds like that in a while so I don't know. It's only Thursday. Saturday it will probably be a little different but being Thursday, I still got to try to go low tomorrow and put myself in position for the weekend.

Q. Anything that lead you to believe this was coming today?
LUCAS GLOVER: Actually not at all. I hit it terrible on the range this morning but -- in days past I've hit it bad on the range and played good. I'm done hitting it good out there. I'll try that for the rest of the week.

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