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August 16, 2007

Shigeki Maruyama


CHRIS REIMER: Shigeki, thank you for joining us. Great first round. You've had success here in the past.
Just talk about what you like about this golf course.
SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: First of all, I have a good image of this course. Of course, I won the tournament in 2003.
Off the tee, it's set up pretty good for my eyes. I have good confidence in this course and I didn't play that good today but, you know, like I said, I have a pretty good image of this course.
It's set out pretty right. Just about right for me.
CHRIS REIMER: Shigeki, what's been going well and what hasn't been going well? What have you been working with on your game lately?
SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: I haven't been playing that bad but I was start losing confidence because the golf course was getting longer and longer every week and -- but this course, it's not too long for me and it's playable for me. That's the first reason I can play good on this course.
CHRIS REIMER: Take some questions.

Q. What is the biggest difference aside from the greens, the biggest difference between the course in August as opposed to October?
SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: This year the greens a little bit slower but they got a little bit more longer rough around the green but when you miss the fairway -- yeah, when you miss a fairway, it's pretty hard but the greens are softer so it's stopping better. That's the first different I noticed.

Q. How thick is the rough out there?
SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: Double length. It's pretty long this year.

Q. Was it an advantage getting out in the first group and were you that hot at all or did that play in your hands about getting off in the first group?
SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: Yes. No heat in the morning and the greens are smooth, it's fresh green so it's easier to putt but tomorrow I got an afternoon tee time so it will be a little bit different but that's what's different.
CHRIS REIMER: Any other questions in here? Let's go over your birdies here, Shigeki, if you could.
SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: 2nd hole, tee shot, driver in the fairway. Second shot 3-wood, right side, about 30-yard and sand wedge like one feet.
3rd hole, tee shot, driver. Second shot 4-iron about a 40 feet. Made it, birdie.
No. 9, tee shot, driver, fairway. Second shot 3-wood, right side, 20-yard chip shot and about one half, three feet, three feet. Sorry.
No. 13, tee shot, driver. Second shot 3-wood on the green. 2-putt 40 feet.
No. 15, tee shot, driver left side, first cut. Second shot 5-iron lay up, second shot wedge, one foot.
18, tee shot, driver. Second shot 17-yard, 53-degree wedge. Nine feet, made it.
CHRIS REIMER: That's it. Anything else, guys?

Q. Was your family here last year or when has your son been coming out with you on the Tour and why particularly this time?
SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: He's been traveling with me a lot of tournaments this year. He's got summer vacation going on right now so that's why he traveled with me this week.
CHRIS REIMER: Thank you. His name is Sean?
CHRIS REIMER: Thank you.

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