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August 15, 2007

Richard Gasquet


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What was the problem? It is blisters?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah. I have the blister on the hand, so I couldn't play. Two days ago I couldn't touch my racquet, but yesterday it was better.
Today it was a little bit better. I tried at the warm up and it was not so bad, but when I played in the match I couldn't play.

Q. Some players put pickle juice.
RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah. I put everything I know. Sometimes I have a lot of blister and here with the heat and humidity it's the worst thing. On the tour it's the worst tournament for the humidity. It's bad luck, because I can't do nothing today.

Q. Things have been going quite well for you recently. How disappointed are you?
RICHARD GASQUET: I'm disappointed because I can't play, but that's life. Sometimes you have injuries. It's difficult to play every week, but I have to be -- to recover for US Open.

Q. When did the problem start? Was it after Canada?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah. After Canada when I practiced here. Three or four days ago. It began after. Bad luck.

Q. Do you feel any more pressure to play here since you didn't do so well last week?
RICHARD GASQUET: No. No. Last week it was difficult. I can lose, too. But, no, I had no pressure. I am just disappointed because I can't play today.

Q. You've also come back very well from elbow injuries and other problems. We have a player, Andy Murray, who has injury problems and is fighting to come back. Can you describe how difficult it is to come back from a long injury and psychologically what it's like?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah. I'm really happy because it's just a blister so I could play next week in US Open. But for Murray that's really hard, because I had an elbow problem two years ago and after when I came back on the tour I played my best level two months after.
My first match after my injury was like his, the same. I couldn't play. Mentally it was difficult. Physically impossible. So it will be hard for him for sure.

Q. Where did you get your mental strength from, friends or family or yourself?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah. You have to fight every day. And after I -- it'll come back for him, but you have to fight every day when you practice, when you play matches. But it's really hard.

Q. Despite the blister you probably still hit the shot of the tournament early in the match when you got the short ball and hit the forehand around the net.

Q. Describe that feeling.
RICHARD GASQUET: I didn't see the point. It was an incredible point for sure, but not an incredible match.

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