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August 15, 2007

Zi Yan


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Hi, Yan, how big a deal is this for you to knock off Ana Ivanovic, the defending champion?
ZI YAN: She's one of top player in the world. Is my favorite player, also. And I think today I'm very lucky. So many balls is on the line. I just try my best today.

Q. How did it feel to actually defeat your favorite player?
ZI YAN: Very good (laughing).

Q. Have you ever had a performance like today before?
ZI YAN: What?

Q. Have you ever had a performance like today before? Have you ever played this well and beaten?
ZI YAN: No. Today I am very relaxed to play, so every shot is very good. Every shot is hit very relaxed, so the ball is going maybe a little bit fast.

Q. Why are you so relaxed?
ZI YAN: Because she is the top player. So, I don't think I can win. So I just going to the court and enjoy the match (smiling).

Q. You didn't get nervous at the end, did you?
ZI YAN: A little bit.

Q. Yeah?
ZI YAN: Yeah. Because I'm thinking oh, I'm going to win (laughing).

Q. How big a deal will be made of this back in China, in your home country? What will the reaction be in China to your victory?
ZI YAN: I don't understand.

Q. In China, how will people react? Happy in China?
ZI YAN: Yeah, I think they'll be very happy (smiling).

Q. And your ranking is fairly high, right? Your ranking?
ZI YAN: It's low (laughing).

Q. Why is it low?
ZI YAN: Because last year I play not so good in singles. And I'm very concentrate to the doubles because. And the next year Olympic, I think I will play doubles. So last year I, with my partner, win two Grand Slam in doubles.
So maybe little bit difficult to play singles. Because my ranking always low. Some big tournament I cannot play singles.
But this year I'm very lucky. So many tournament I get in, then I play well, so get ranking back.

Q. And Jie Zheng and Na Li are both injured now, not playing now?
ZI YAN: Yeah, they are injured now, rest.

Q. Will they be back soon?
ZI YAN: Yeah, I think they'll be back soon.

Q. Does it give you a chance maybe?
ZI YAN: No, no, now my ranking is back, so I think I can follow them to play so many tournaments.

Q. Is this the biggest victory of your career?
ZI YAN: Yeah, it is.

Q. Can you describe what went through your mind when you beat your favorite player? What you thought?
ZI YAN: I don't know how to say the -- I don't know how to say it for English.

Q. It's hard, I know?
ZI YAN: Yeah, sorry (smiling).

Q. Thanks for trying.

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