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August 15, 2007

Lucas Glover


CHRIS REIMER: Alright. We want to thank Lucas Glover for joining us here.
Lucas, you got some good news this week named as a Captain's pick to the President's Cup, which is fast approaching.
Talk about what this meant and how it feels to be on the team.
LUCAS GLOVER: It was obviously an honor to, get the call Sunday night. That was a goal starting out the year and I've been close all year and then, you know, kind of unfortunate to play poorly at the PGA and get bumped.
I would have had a hard time keeping up with Woody, so -- but again, it was a goal I set out to achieve and Mr. Nicklaus made that a possibility.
I'm grateful and honored to be on the team, to say the least.
CHRIS REIMER: Is it kind of an ease to have it off your mind this week, you can go out and play now?
LUCAS GLOVER: I think so. I didn't put near as much pressure this year as I did last, but obviously I was thinking about it and I played good golf through the summer thinking about it so, I was pleased with myself for that.
CHRIS REIMER: Finished I think T 6 year last year and a good finish here. Talk about this tournament and what you like about this course.
LUCAS GLOVER: It's pretty close to a home game, you know, three hours from the house and got a lot of family here and, you know, Mark Brazil has been a good friend for a long time and support him and his event no matter when the date is.
Happy to be back and golf course is perfect. You know, little different, little softer than it is in the fall but that was expected weather being so hot so it's good.
CHRIS REIMER: You really going to admit to having Mark Brazil as a friend?
LUCAS GLOVER: Publicly, yes.
CHRIS REIMER: Take some questions.

Q. Did you have a caller I.D. when he made the call Sunday night or picked up the phone?
LUCAS GLOVER: It wouldn't have mattered. I wouldn't have had his number programmed in anyway (laughter).
It actually took us awhile to get connected. He was calling from in the air so it was tough to get connected. I answered it three times. We never could get in touch and then we finally did, so --
Q. Were you at the airport when you got the call?

Q. What did you do when he called? Obviously, you knew what he was calling about one way or the other but I mean did you like yell or --
LUCAS GLOVER: Well, no. There's a lot of people around and I was just sitting with my wife and my folks were down at the gate.
We had just had something to eat and one of Mr. Nicklaus' staffers and said that's him trying to get ahold of you and my wife started jumping up and down saying, "Wait, wait, wait, that might be a bad call. Let's take it easy here."
Honestly, I was a little drained from last week to get too exited. I think I had just woken up. I was excited. Not visibly as much as probably when I got home.

Q. Can you talk about the pressure from last week year, put too much pressure on yourself last year? Did that affect your game?
LUCAS GLOVER: I had a bad stretch in the summer last year. Leaving Charlotte I was in the 6th spot and you know that's always been a big goal of mine is to play on the Ryder Cup and I didn't have a very good summer at all and I missed four, five cuts in a row and, you know, just trying too hard and, you know, I hate that saying because I don't think you can try too hard but you got to figure out how to control it and, you know, I learned a lot from it and kind of helped this year, I think.

Q. And you talk about family here. Who specifically is here this week?
LUCAS GLOVER: My aunt and uncle, my mom's youngest brother and his wife and their two kids.

Q. Are they from this area?
LUCAS GLOVER: They've been here awhile. My whole family lives in Greenville, South Carolina but they lived here for 15 years, probably.

Q. Moved here in --
LUCAS GLOVER: They live in Jamestown.

Q. With this being the last week in the points race, how do you feel, what do you look for coming up these next few weeks? How do you expect it to unfold?
Is it going to feel different or is it just -- do you not know quite how to feel about it?
LUCAS GLOVER: It's kind of like starting out somebody asked me that before the year started, what's this going to do to the fields.
You know, it's hard to tell until we get there. For me it's like tomorrow. It's the same game when I made the President's Cup or I didn't. That's kind of the way you have to think about it, still hitting golf shots, still trying to make birdies.
There's just a little more, maybe, press added to it and maybe a little more -- lot more signs out there saying this is what we're doing.
But, I don't know for me it's still the same game. You're trying to play well and win golf tournaments. There's a little more reward for playing more. Maybe there will be a little more pressure, probably will be, yeah.

Q. Do you think that the public has embraced this thing at all. Golf fans or what's your take on that. I know the players know about it. What do you think?
LUCAS GLOVER: Well, I don't know. I know my -- if my family is considered the public they really don't know what's going on. Every time I'm home they ask me, "How does this work? Are you in Chicago? When are you going to be home?" I don't know. Because I've stated I don't know. I don't know how many points I'll make or this or that.
I'd say maybe not but I'd say the die hard fans, yes, but the people that just flip on golf to see who is winning or whatever, don't know what's going on.
Maybe after this year they see how it works and follow it a little more closely. It's not a bad system. Got to get it out there a little further.

Q. One of the hopes that this tournament was pitching was last stop for you to jockey for position.
It almost seems to have had the reverse effect. A lot of people have bailed out. Can you touch on why you think people aren't coming out?
Is it more to rest up and do you think next year it might be a little different once they see how this all unfolds?
LUCAS GLOVER: Well, I mean you got to look at the top guys. You know, let's Tiger and Phil, for instance, they're going to play four tournaments in a row starting in New York, ending in Atlanta. They're far enough up the board. Then they both got the President's Cup right after that. They usually don't play a lot in a row.
Yeah, they're definitely resting up for the home stretch about because they both want to do well in the playoffs and the tournament championship and this and that.
As for the rest of guys, either they don't care for the course and never played here. There's many, many reasons people don't come to certain tournaments.
Those two I just said. But you know that's why you got most of the bubble guys here and guys like me trying to get close serve up.
You know, again, I'd be here if this was the last tournament of the year just because I love to come here all the time. I can't speak for anybody else. I just know that the top guys are rest being because they're going to be playing five out of the next six weeks.
So, that's all -- that's really all the I can say. I can't tell you why, you know so and so is not here, so and so is but I know for pretty sure that's why those guys aren't here.
CHRIS REIMER: All that being said, you looking forward to the playoffs?
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, absolutely. Three leading to Atlanta, three great tournaments and three great courses. That's why they picked those. Obviously the biggest markets we have.
Yeah, absolutely looking forward to it and working on some stuff this week so trying to get ready.
CHRIS REIMER: Anything else, guys? Alright. Lucas best of luck this week, congratulations?
LUCAS GLOVER: Thank you.

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