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August 13, 2007

Sam Querrey


THE MODERATOR: Questions please.

Q. Okay. Your serve kicks a lot, even the first one. Did you feel it working for you today?
SAM QUERREY: Yeah, definitely. It pretty much always works for me. It's pretty rare if my serve is not on. It definitely helps deuce or ad in or ad out. It's a good feeling when I hit an ace or an unreturnable.

Q. This has really been two different summers for you. Spring to summer the losing streak and now winning eight of the last ten.
SAM QUERREY: Yeah. I sucked in April and May and now I'm good again, so it's definitely made a big turnaround.

Q. What do you think did it for you?
SAM QUERREY: Playing five match got me match tough and gave me some confidence. The more you play the better you're going to be.

Q. Silly question, but what had more to do with the confidence building, Vancouver or Indianapolis?
SAM QUERREY: Indianapolis by a long shot. It was my first semi, first top 10 win. That was huge. I mean, I beat Benneteau, Karlovic, and Blake, all great players.

Q. I wondered if what you experienced in Indianapolis and Vancouver had played a role at all tonight in coming back in a third set?
SAM QUERREY: Sorry, I was spacing out.

Q. I wondered if those two tournaments together played any role as far as you having the confidence to come back tonight in a third set?
SAM QUERREY: I definitely think it did. I was down a little bit in the beginning of the third, but I just kind of had the mindset that I was refusing to lose and I was going to do anything it took to go out there and win.
I wasn't hitting the ball my absolute best, but I was still hitting it well. Mentally I just hung in there and kind of eventually got the breaks.

Q. I read the score, but did you push Blake to three sets earlier in the year?
SAM QUERREY: Both times were three sets.

Q. What is it about your game that you think matches up with his?
SAM QUERREY: With him?

Q. Yeah.
SAM QUERREY: I'm not really sure. I mean, the last time we played I had 34 aces, so that helped. He's top 10 in the world so I don't have anything to lose and I can go out there and swing freely.

Q. What was it like beating him?
SAM QUERREY: It was awesome. I watched it on TiVo many times when I got home. Yeah. But it was real cool. I was like 0-10 with top 10 players before that, so it gave me that extra confidence booster.

Q. How good are you at playing basketball?
SAM QUERREY: No. I'm not very good at basketball. I played freshman year of high school and then I quit.

Q. In the media guide it said you were offered a scholarship.
SAM QUERREY: No, I probably could. I was offered a scholarship for tennis.

Q. Maybe that's what it was.
SAM QUERREY: It is. It's nice that you think I'm a good basketball player, though.

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