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August 13, 2007

Carlos Moya


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It's been five years since you won a championship here. Do you still get the sense that people remember you from that year and you're still a pretty popular player in Cincinnati?
CARLOS MOYA: Well, I guess that's probably one of the reason that probably they remember. But also the crowd here, they like tennis, and I guess they recognize 13 years of career.
So it's not only about winning here, it's about being around for 13 years, being in top 50, being five years top 10 player. I guess all this together is what they remember for sure.

Q. You were in control in the second set until he broke you to get back in it. What happened at that point?
CARLOS MOYA: His return is pretty good, so I can understand that he is able to break my serve. I had chances at 4-1 for breakpoints to go 5-1 probably serving for the match. And then 4-2 I have a couple of game points to go up 5-2, but didn't happen. He broke my serve.
But then still I was feeling that I was controlling the match pretty well with my serve. I was not frustrated or desperate. I knew I was going to have my chance sooner or later and I had the chance in the tiebreaker when I played really well.

Q. I guess this is the highest you've been ranked in two years, coming of the win in Croatia. What about your game is going well right now?
CARLOS MOYA: Well, I probably playing the way I supposed to play: Serving hard, hitting hard with my forehand and slice, my backhand, and going to the net. I think when I serve well I can be dangerous player because here the court is very fast, and that gives me time to dominate with my forehand.
So for the last four or five months I been playing really well at really high level. I been working very hard for that. I think being almost 31 I think there's still room to improve. That's what I truly believe, and that's what I'm working for: To still improve and get a higher ranking than I am right now.

Q. Are you looking to get back in the top 10 or compete in a tournament like this and win it?
CARLOS MOYA: Well, I don't know if compete and win it here, but I was in the same final in Masters Series in Hamburg, quarterfinal in Grand Slam. You have a look at the ranks, it's the eighth month of the year and very close to the top 10, so why not?
I did pretty well here five years ago and I did well in the US Open. So these are tournaments that I can play really well, so why not about thinking about being top 10?
But I want to go step by step. My first goal was to be top 20 and I'm there, so I have to go to the next stage which would be top 10. But I know it's going to be very difficult.

Q. How much pride do you have doing this at this stage in your career? Usually it's one way or the other at your age.
CARLOS MOYA: Well, I'm very proud of what I'm doing right now. Easy thing for me could be maybe go home after two very bad years, and I didn't want to do that. I wanted to prove people that I still have the level to be competitive in these big tournaments and still beat guys like Nalbandian or many guys that I beat this year.
I didn't want to leave that way, so I change coach. I hired Lobo and I think my team right now is very professional and good and they keep me motivated. I'm also playing well, so you know, I'm enjoying tennis a lot, more than I was doing before.
And probably I know that these are going to be my last years on tour, so I want to enjoy every single moment that I have.

Q. And you always believed that you would get back to this level?
CARLOS MOYA: Yeah. I believed in that. I knew it was not going to be easy, but I was -- February I was like 47 or something like that, and it was pretty far when I was looking at these guys, 25, 30 in the ranks. Now I'm 18, or 19 maybe this week.
But, you know, I been working very hard. My team tried to make me believe in myself, and I think they've been working on that very well.
I had some doubts that I could make it, but the last three or four months I been playing at a very high level. I have no points to defend now. Just the third round at the US Open. So it's time to step up and try to go for a little bit more.

Q. Who is your coach now?
CARLOS MOYA: Lobo, Luis Lobo.

Q. When did you make that change?
CARLOS MOYA: It was one year, before the US Open.

Q. Before last year's US Open?

Q. What was his last name?

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