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August 12, 2007

Simon Dyson


KELLY ELBIN: Simon Dyson in with a round of 6-under par 64 in the final round of the 89th PGA Championship at Southern Hills Country Club. Simon finishes his first PGA Championship at even par over the four rounds. He also matches the low nine hole score of 31 set earlier this week by Graeme Storm and Tiger Woods, but his low, his 31 on the front nine is the low front nine for the week.
Simon, congratulations. Great playing and this is your seventh major championship.
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, everything just seemed to click today. It was good. I drove the ball well, which you've really got to do around here. And managed to find the flag with some irons as well and had some putts. One of the best days I've had for a long time.
KELLY ELBIN: If you would go through your card with a quick start on 1, 2, the birdies and bogeys.
SIMON DYSON: 3-wood down the middle on the first, 6-iron to about four feet. Knocked that one in.
Second hole, driver down the middle, 6-iron to five feet. Knocked that one in.
Parred 3, driver, lob wedge to about 12 feet. Knocked that one in.
Parred 5.
7-iron middle of the green on 6 and held about a -- it was a good distance, 45, 50 feet, which is nice.
Parred 7, parred 8, parred 9.
5-iron, 9-iron on 10, 3-putted it to about eight feet on 11. Knocked that in.
Driver in the rough, knocked that one out on 13, lob wedged it to about six feet, knocked that in. And then 3-wood down the right side, cut a 6-iron up to about 20 feet, knocked that in.
So nice.
KELLY ELBIN: Let's open up for questions.

Q. You were saying earlier that you took three weeks off to prepare for this, recharge your batteries, could you let us know what you did in that time? Did you get away from the game?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, I put my clubs away for two weeks, didn't touch them, didn't do anything, really. Just carried on going to the gym, stuff. Had a few nights out with my mates and took my girlfriend away for a couple of days. Then as soon as I came back just started practicing again and carried on at the gym. After two weeks off, actually felt pretty good.
And then flew out here and it still felt good.

Q. Do you figure just today after playing three days you really felt you knew the course a lot better, felt a lot more comfortable. You played so well today.
SIMON DYSON: I played -- my game has been in pretty good stead throughout the first three days, to be fair. I was driving it well. The second day I did everything but hole a putt for -- I think I shot one over the second day. I had like seven lip outs on the second day. My game was always in good stead. I played quite a few practice rounds. I got here Saturday, I played 14 with Bjorn on Sunday and then played nine every day. I knew the course pretty well, liked it, just a couple of holes I didn't like. But I got to know it pretty good. So, yeah, it helped.
KELLY ELBIN: Hit 13 greens in regulation, 25 putts both his best figures for the week.

Q. You served an apprenticeship out on the Asian Tour, does that make conditions like this that much easier to handle?
SIMON DYSON: Well, it's one of those -- the more you go out to Asia the more you get used to it, the more you know you what you have to do. So it certainly helped. But I haven't been out to Asia for quite a few months now.
When you're out there a lot, you're climatized to it. But, yeah, I think it helped. I must have drunk 20 of those (referring to the water) out there today. You know you're drinking a lot when you need to go to the toilet a lot. And I did. So it helps.

Q. Can you just talk about what it was like to close it out today with the birdie on 18, being the final round of a major, great round going in just to end it like that?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, it's a dream come true, really. It's such a good par 4 is the last hole. Stood on the tee, if somebody said you can have 4, I would have walked straight in and taken it. But I had a good drive. I was a little blocked out. I had a great 6-iron, probably the best shot all day. And happened to get a soft bounce. It was uphill putt, so I knew I could give it a go. But as soon as it came off I knew I had a chance. Yeah, just a great feeling to get back to level par and shoot 64 is special, really.

Q. This is going to be a Top-10 probably in a major, can you put that in some context in your career, where will that stand?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, I mean, I always thought my best chance of doing well in a major would be the British Open because obviously I played a lot of links golf. But, yeah, my best finish has been like 35th or something in the British Open. So to finish in the Top-10 in the U.S. PGA, which is the Top 100 players in the world, it's something I'll savor for a long time unless I do something better the next couple of years.

Q. On the birdies you've got now, is it better than your victories?
SIMON DYSON: It's equally as good. To win is very special. But to come over here, I've only been over here twice before. I played in the 2005 at Pinehurst U.S. Open and I was in the 2001 Amex that got cancelled. I've only played like two competitive rounds. So to come and do it over here, it feels really good, especially like my pal Dougherty, he finished seventh in the U.S. Open, to do something like what he's done, so I was pleased for him, I'm sure. But pleased for me.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about why you felt you needed to take the break and is this something you're going to work into your routine in years to come?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, definitely. The feeling I got after the break was I just wanted to play again. So I took the break because I think I played something like 24 tournaments. And I had like two weeks off in three months in 12 or 14 weeks.
So nothing felt good. My head was somewhere where it shouldn't be. And I just thought I needed to recharge the batteries and get my appetite back. And it certainly seems to have worked because I got here Saturday and I couldn't wait to get out on Sunday, and I couldn't wait to tee up on Thursday whereas the last couple of tournaments really back in Europe I've not really looked forward to teeing it up on Thursday.
It's kind of a formality. So it's something I'll definitely look into doing a lot more of here, if I get these results at the end of it, yeah, definitely.
KELLY ELBIN: For those who don't know you as well, can you talk about your sporting background in terms of your family.
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, my dad was a professional footballer. My dad's brother, which is my uncle, he played for Tottenham Hotspurs in the 60, '61 soccer and in their Cup final, and their dad was a jockey and a good tennis player. My cousin is a professional tennis player. One of my other cousins is a professional cricketer and my brother can play any sport under the sun. Quite a lot of sport in the family. So it's nice to carry it on.
KELLY ELBIN: Simon Dyson in with a 64 today at the PGA Championship. Congratulations.

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