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August 11, 2007

John Senden


Q. How did you feel about your game today?
JOHN SENDEN: Yeah, I felt good, you know, going into today after the last couple of rounds. You know, I just tried to really stick to my plan of, you know, playing the golf course smart because there's a lot of slope on the greens and you know, I just really felt that I just had to really do what I had to do best rather than worry about what everyone else is doing out there.
I know Tiger Woods has got a nice lead but anything can happen tomorrow as well. So, you know, feeling good for tomorrow and you know, I felt that, you know, from my previous two days, that led into another good day today. I didn't feel much different today. I felt like a little bit nervous down the first couple of holes and once I played those first couple of holes well, I settled in nicely and did a good job all day.

Q. After 8 and 9, and you make the turn, you talk a lot about process. What's the challenge in your mind right there after dropping a couple?
JOHN SENDEN: Yeah, I mean, 8 and 9 was -- I mean, I hit a great shot on 8 and it was almost an action replay of the day before where I hit two good putts and walked off with bogey.
And then I didn't quite do such a great job on the ninth hole, and that maybe could have led into, you know, 8 and 9 sort of following on each other.
But then I stood up on 10 and regathered and I did a nice job down the back nine. I just knew that I just was always in a good position. Even with a couple of bogeys, there are a lot of difficult holes out here is so everyone is sort of bogeying and birdieing and knocking it about and not shooting low to get ahead.
So I was working what I had to do which my process is to stay within my game and myself and work on what I have to do best to get around this golf course.

Q. When you know that Tiger is the name atop that leaderboard and you know the record that he possesses, how do you reconcile that as a competitor for tomorrow?
JOHN SENDEN: Yeah, I mean, you recognize him as the world's No. 1, and you know, him having the lead, it's a high -- it's a tough ask to get out there and compete with him because you respect how good he is. It's a real challenge to go out there and try and beat the guy. He's proven that.
I think tomorrow I have to continue on what I have to do best, and if that's good enough to beat Tiger Woods, well, that's fantastic. But, you know, I've got to do what I have to do best.

Q. Will you have a number in your head then, will you play like that?
JOHN SENDEN: Yeah, sure, I mean, I have to shoot low tomorrow. I'm 2-under and Tiger is 7-under at the moment. If he stays at 7, yes, I'm going to have to shoot low tomorrow to catch him because I don't think -- the way he's playing this week and the way he played last week, I don't think he's really going to come backwards. It might happen, I don't know. Golf is a funny game.
I think that I have to shoot a good number tomorrow to try and catch Tiger Woods.

Q. You must be proud of how you're handling the major pressure?
JOHN SENDEN: I feel good. I had a good experience at the British Open this year, and played solid there. You know, I just needed to -- like getting into the Bridgestone was a good, tough, difficult golf course to lead into a week like this. Maybe the heat's affecting a lot of players. I think that it's a real challenge, this course, and I feel like my ball-striking is the best part of my game; so if I use that to the best of my ability, I can get my way around here pretty good.

Q. So you said you need to shoot a low number tomorrow to beat Tiger, but what is mind-set; you just continue to play smart, or do you really have to be aggressive and start taking dead aim at flags?
JOHN SENDEN: I'm going to play the same tomorrow hopefully, the same process of my -- you know, my aims on the particular greens or the fairways and what clubs I choose off the tee. That's been working so far, so I just think it's a matter of me, you know, trying to get the iron shots close and come out with a hot putter tomorrow. Because you know, that's what I need to do best to shoot a good number.

Q. If you were able to track him down what, would that mean to get that win for you?
JOHN SENDEN: Oh, it's a dream come true. I've always written down my goals to win a major championship, and you know, I've gained good experience with a couple of wins last year and my game is gradually improving. That would be a dream come true, and it would be amazing.

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