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August 11, 2007

Nathan Green


Q. You really got it going there in the middle.
NATHAN GREEN: Yeah, really struggled hitting fairways today. I think you could count them on one hand. It was tough from there. Like I had just my short game was pretty sharp and made a lot of good putts and hit a terrible putt that went in the middle for eagle. I think I blocked it about three cups and it went straight in.

Q. A terrible putt that went in for eagle, there you go.
NATHAN GREEN: I had a lot golf breaks today. Yeah, unfortunately missed a short one on 16 which would have been a great par.
But really happy with getting out in 3-under today.

Q. On 16, that drive, it looked like you had a chance at double-bogey.
NATHAN GREEN: Yeah, the drive wasn't that far, I thought it would be in the first line of trees. Hit pretty hard and bounced back sort of 80 meters to the right.

Q. There's a squirrel over there bleeding right now.
NATHAN GREEN: Something's dead. But I had about 75 yards back to the middle of the fairway. I had a really good third shot in there and probably the only putt, really only makeable putt I missed all day. Played the last two holes pretty well.

Q. The up-and-down on 18, that was fabulous. How good does that make lunch taste?
NATHAN GREEN: Yeah, definitely, I hit a pretty poor second. It's a tough second shot in there especially I'm a pretty lowball hitter, so you've got a lot of elevation and usually hitting off a slight downhill left-to-right lie, it's probably one of the toughest shots in golf for me and I pulled it left. Hit a chip probably as close as I could to probably 10, 12 feet. It's a great way to finish. You feel like you sort of stole one there.

Q. Now you're at even par so you're going to get to start off when it's even hotter tomorrow.
NATHAN GREEN: Yeah, I think with the heat this week, they have had to keep the greens a little bit softer than they may have wanted them so, there's definitely a good score to be had out there. Guys that hit it long, like Tiger and the like, the pins are more accessible for them than they are for me.
Yeah, hopefully they don't jump too far away and I can maybe have a good one tomorrow.

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