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August 10, 2007

Darren Clarke


Q. Pat, you told me yesterday after you didn't even know what you shot it was so hot out here and you come out and do one better and you find yourself in the Top-10, tell me about how that feels at the midway point.
PAT PEREZ: It feels good. I've been playing well this year. I'm expecting more to play better in the majors and stuff like that, so you know -- Tiger is obviously playing incredible, so he's obviously going to be very tough to catch. I'm going to try to have a nice tournament and, you know, see what I can do.

Q. You told me yesterday, you didn't know what you were going to do to combat the heat during that afternoon tee time. Is there anything you did or what did you do to get through the round and especially put up, not only survive it but put up a red number?
PAT PEREZ: You know, I actually drank less water today. I think I got too bloated and I had stomach cramps yesterday. I was drinking a bottle a hole. I don't think that's healthy for the system.
So I just drank less. It actually wasn't as hot yesterday. Yesterday was brutal. Today I think the humidity was down just a little bit. It's always a little easier when you're playing well, too.

Q. Like you said, you're playing well. At last check I saw tied for sixth, talk about that going into the weekend, just how do you feel about that?
PAT PEREZ: I feel good. I didn't really have a whole lot of pressure on me. No one really expects me to win. I kind of get to free-wheel it and, you know, it's come to the end of my season so I've got four tournaments left, I've had a great year, so it would be nice to get a win before the year is up. But if not, I've done pretty well.

Q. The golf course, were there any major differences between having that morning tee time and the afternoon tee time?
PAT PEREZ: Yeah, I don't think so. The greens were soft. The greens were still soft. Fairways were still rolling. It's so dry, it's not likely to get any rain and they are not really watering it. I didn't see a whole lot of difference in anything to be honest with you.

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