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August 10, 2007

Niclas Fasth


Q. Opening thoughts on your round today.
NICLAS FASTH: Well, it was a solid round. I played good all the way around really, not too many mistakes.
I guess I felt I could have holed a few more putts, but then that's pretty common, isn't it.
The course is very demanding. It's drying out, so it will get tougher and tougher now.

Q. Can you comment on the course changes? You played in the morning yesterday and then played in the afternoon; what are the big changes you've seen between morning yesterday and afternoon today?
NICLAS FASTH: Well, it's drier, which is makes the course faster. The greens are more tricky, and of course, with these type of greens, when they dry out, they get a little bit more bumpy from all the wear in the day. It's definitely more difficult, the course today, while the pin positions might even have been a little bit more difficult yesterday.

Q. I heard that you were a little under the weather yesterday; a little food poisoning; that true?
NICLAS FASTH: No. Must have been somebody else.

Q. How do you feel about going into the weekend?
NICLAS FASTH: Well, I mean, I'm really happy about the way I'm playing which is really a good start, and I like the course. I like playing here.
Sure, it's a bit hot for my taste, but to be in it in a major come the weekend is fantastic, but that's what we all try to play for. We play a lot of good tournaments during the year, but this is really what it's all about, the big championships.
It is more demanding than most weeks, but it's also more fun those few times when you're really in it.

Q. Are you surprised the leaderboard changed so much from yesterday?
NICLAS FASTH: I haven't seen it. I've been quite busy minding my own business out there but I guess now I'll have a look that I'm done.

Q. Do you look at the leaderboards?
NICLAS FASTH: I do if I'm in it opponent the weekend, otherwise it might not be so nice if you feel you're not playing well.
If I'm in it Sunday, I'll definitely look at the leaderboards, yeah.

Q. Have you always done that?

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