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August 10, 2007

Padraig Harrington


Q. Do you like this position going into the weekend?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: I had a disappointing bogey at the last there. Would like to be one or two better there. I'm not too bad. I need to play better golf on the weekend. I'm certainly in range, but I want to play better golf.
The course is, definitely can score. Shooting score out there. And I think it's probably an easier golf course if you feel like you're trying to go forward than a course you're trying to defend on.
So it's still -- I'm not as positive as I was last night but it's still a possibility, yes.

Q. Is the course playing tougher?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: No. No. I don't think it played any tougher. If anything, it played a little easier. Less wind out there. It was fine all day.

Q. Impressive scrambling, particularly out of the bunkers?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: A couple of 3-putts cost me. Lot of birdies from 12 to 13 feet I couldn't drop. I got up-and-down a few times. I've got a few misses. I said those two 3-putts, if I hadn't had those I would be right in there. Those are the ones I look back on. So it wasn't a good day in the greens. I'll have to get out there and practice out there this afternoon.

Q. How does your game compare with Carnoustie at this stage, the percentage?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: It just wasn't -- it just wasn't really -- my focus was poor today. I kept seeing the negative shots and got on a roll of trying to hit fairways and just missing them.
Where is my friend? (Laughter).
So, yeah, as I said, that made it hard to -- when I did create some birdie chances out there. But I couldn't hold those. And as I said, I got it up-and-down reasonably well. I had a lot of putts all day. Must have had 13 or 14 putts from that, 10-, 12-, 15-foot range. My game is, there's nothing I need to work on technically, but I could be -- definitely just need to be a little bit stronger willed tomorrow.

Q. With the pin positions today, do you feel like there will be a low round out there like there was yesterday, like a 65 or 66?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: I said it yesterday; definitely any player playing well out there could definitely shoot a good score. It's possible for a couple of individuals to shoot those 65s. The course isn't -- if a guy starts off is hitting fairways and greens and holding it he'll be confident to do it all day. I will definitely see somebody shooting that. But more likely the person that's going to shoot 65 is going to be a few over par going out.
I don't see somebody who can -- it's on if you're being aggressive and things work for you. If you're being a bit defensive, it's not as easy. But definitely I'd be surprised if somebody doesn't shoot 65 today. But then again I don't see that coming from the guys who are two or three under par. I'm seeing 40 the guys a couple over par.

Q. Talking about defensive, how did you get from the lie you got in the second bunker?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: Not really, I knew going out that anything in around just under 70 was going to be, keep me in great position and I suppose that was in my head going out there.
As I said, I missed a lot of fairways with my fairway woods off the tee.
So that's really where I slipped up. I hit my driver, I seemed to hit that well and hit a lot of fairways with that.
But, it's one of those courses. There's a small margin for error. You've got to be very positive and take out the shots rather than -- can't hit half shots out there, really. Got to be aggressive.

Q. Kind of fun to be in that group two other major champions. Any idle moments where you're waiting on a hole where you talked?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: It was fun when we started out. Once we got going we're all trying to play well and get ourselves into the tournament. And obviously Angel had one bad hole yesterday that cost him. While it is enjoyable, it would have been better if all three of us played really well.

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