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August 10, 2007

John Senden


Q. John, how would you describe 10 through 13?
JOHN SENDEN: Yeah, I mean I didn't do much wrong on 10. I just short-sided myself and left myself a difficult chip shot.
I felt like a bit of a kick in the belly on No. 10. But, you know, all week I've been staying quite focused on what I've been doing, staying involved in the process of how I need to play this course. And I'm still playing well, through that section is what I thought. And then bouncing back for three birdies in a row was nice.
It's like you feel coming out of the fairway on a lot of these holes you can get close to the flags because the greens are still quite receptive. They will probably firm up over the weekend.
But I think I feel striking it well from off the tee. You can get close to -- you can somewhat attack it.

Q. I know you don't know where things will finish up today. But as of right now, saying it's three or four, how do you assess where you are?
JOHN SENDEN: Well, I assess that I'm going to go, my mind-set is still the process of my game. Tomorrow's going to be a new day. It's going to be different for me. It's the best position I've been in in a major championship.
So I'm going to have to just concentrate on sticking to what I know, and that's my process of what I'm doing out there, and trying to minimize the distractions and try and really get out there and do a good job again.

Q. What do you take from seeing other first-timers break through and win major championships, John?
JOHN SENDEN: Well, that's right. I was actually playing the 9th hole today, and Zach Johnson was teeing off the 18th hole. He's a guy that won the Masters this year, and I watched him coming down the stretch. It looked like he was so involved and so in control of his own feelings and emotions. And I think that that's -- he looked the best player out there in that tournament.
You know, you've got Tiger Woods chasing his tail but he just sort of stuck to his guns at that tournament. And when I watched him come up there, I sort of think, he's a young guy. He's won a major championship. And I think that I can -- I feel that I just need to believe that I can do it as well and at this stage it's coming together.

Q. What's the principal challenge of the heat?
JOHN SENDEN: I think it's maybe staying in the shade but not putting your ball in the shade, right (smiling), but staying hydrated is the biggest issue. You know where I'm from in Brisbane, it's pretty hot there as well. It's humid. We play a tournament, the course is just like this. Kind of feeling like I'm used to it a little bit.
In the summertimes in America, it's hot anyway. So you kind of -- we've come from hot weather. The British Open was cold. But this week is, you know, a little bit over the top with the heat.
But you just have to do the right things to hydrate and keep yourself feeling good.

Q. How much of an advantage is playing in the morning today, do you feel like?
JOHN SENDEN: Well, it was very nice playing this morning. I think that the golf course is got a little bit of moisture about it. It's receptive. But then again you have to still be smart with your management around this golf course. You have to place the ball in the correct positions or else you can't -- you have downhill putts on these greens, it's very quick and sloppy. You've just got to try and do the best you can while you've got the opportunity in the morning. Because come this afternoon, late today, the greens aren't quite as good as they were in the morning. And it's more difficult to make putts and to build momentum in the scoring fashion.
So I think that it definitely was, probably the shots this morning were easier than yesterday afternoon.

Q. You saw the greens. What can the guys be expecting out of the greens later today?
JOHN SENDEN: It's going to be -- I believe it's going to be feeling even hotter today than it was yesterday. Because we had a nice breeze yesterday afternoon, even though possibly made conditions a little bit more difficult.
But I think when it's really still like this; and as hot as it is, it takes a toll on all players. I've seen a few spectators and people go down this week. And that's just from lack of drinking or not -- maybe even drinking too many beers out there, I don't know (smiling).

Q. Do you see the cup is half full because you're on the leaderboard or half full because you got to three and didn't finish there or a bit of both?
JOHN SENDEN: It's definitely half full. I'm building on my process to try and get to -- my ultimate goal is to win a major championship. And being in this position is halfway there. It's going to be a great experience for me on the weekend, being involved in the heat.
And I think it's good for me, because I need that experience to build myself as a better player and feel like if I go through my same process, I've got every chance like anyone else out there to win the golf tournament. So that's what I believe and I just gotta go out there and keep involved with those issues.

Q. Recap 17 and 18, please?
JOHN SENDEN: My tee shots there, both tee shots just went in the right rough. I had no shots. Just had to chip out both times and show up for my par and didn't make it. Felt pretty good. From the tee, I just lost the shot a little bit right and basically got it on 17. 18, the wind is a bit tricky. Sometimes it's blowing in your face sometimes it's not. That idea on the 18th hole it's somewhat in a great position because you have to either pull back with the 3-woodor pull it back with a driver or try to hit a strong 3-wood. I tried and I just missed it a little bit and I was shut out. Thomas Bjorn, my playing partner, he hit a really nice driver down there. I thought the way it bounced, maybe that's maybe too far, I thought. You couldn't tell from where the tee is.
But I think that I tried my game plan was the 3-wood to put it into play and get on the green from there.
So, yeah, it was a tough finish. But I'm still in great position and really looking forward to the weekend.

Q. Can you go through the birdies on the back for three in a row, what were the yardages?
JOHN SENDEN: I don't know. It was like I hit -- I hit 9-iron on 12 to about eight feet. Then I hit an up-and-downer from about 80 yards on 13 and then -- I'm sorry, 11 as well par 3. I hit eight on to about 12 feet beyond the hole. And 13 up-and-down from that eight yards.

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