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August 10, 2007

Graeme Storm


Q. Graeme, opening remarks about how your round was?
GRAEME STORM: Didn't get around on the ball like I did yesterday. One of those things where I suppose everything went for me and today it didn't.

Q. How does round one not a bogey on the card today, whole bunch of everything, how does that go from one day to the next, is it just golf?
GRAEME STORM: I think it is just golf to be honest, just one of those things, again. I didn't get the run of the ball. If I missed the green, I got on the wrong side of the pin. I was struggling to make par.
So to be honest, I'm disappointed. I should have really finished closer to where I started the day out. But just a few mistakes and hopefully I can correct them over the weekend.

Q. Do you feel different this morning starting off leading an major championship?
GRAEME STORM: Yes, I feel differently obviously. It's a great experience, one I'll learn from. But hopefully I can have a good weekend. I'm not that far away from where the leaders are now.
So like I say, I am disappointed that I'm not where I started. But I'll take it on the chin and just come back fine tomorrow.

Q. Were you comfortable last night as the leader? What was that whole experience like overnight, going into today?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, I tried to chill out as much as I could last night. Got to sleep early for me at 10:00. Unfortunately I woke up between 2:00, 2:30, on and off, worried about missing my alarm clock.

Q. Was it hard to get a flow today with birdie, bogey, birdie, bogey, bogey; was it hard to get into the groove today?
GRAEME STORM: Off to a par-bogey-bogey start, but corrected it going birdie-birdie, felt comfortable to be honest.
Made a mistake at 7. One less club really and just hit it in the middle of the green, rather than trying to attack too much; and then I hit a terrible shot in the next. I got it back on 9 and then made a mistake gun on 10. Just one of those days, a bit of a roller coaster really.

Q. Scores today for the most part seem higher. Is the course playing a lot harder than it was yesterday?
GRAEME STORM: I don't think so -- I don't know to be honest. I made it look a bit harder because I played indifferent. I think it's warmer this morning compared to yesterday; there's no breeze.

Q. You mentioned the fact you're not in bad shape, is it going to be tough to shake this off and try to get back to what you did yesterday?
GRAEME STORM: I hope not. Hopefully I can correct a couple of things and just cut out the mistakes really. Just mental mistakes on the golf course, where maybe I should have just played a bit safer than I did. But I attacked yesterday at 65. Attacked today and I shot 76. It's golf.

Q. On 17, you had a divot; on 16 it was a bunker, you clipped out of the tree. Versus yesterday, were things going your way and today you had a bit of bad luck?
GRAEME STORM: I got the run of the ball yesterday. I obviously played really well yesterday and everything went my way. Today anything that could go wrong did go wrong. And I got a couple of lies in the rough where I thought, oh, I can get to the green. Took it on as you would and didn't get the flight that I was hoping for. Made constantly bogeys because of it.

Q. Going to be a little happier with a later tee time tomorrow?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, I am going to be later, obviously. Just go out and enjoy the weekend for me really and see what comes.

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