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August 9, 2007

Stephen Ames


Q. Nice, warm day.
STEPHEN AMES: Was it? Couldn't tell.

Q. How was it?
STEPHEN AMES: Hot. Greens obviously were very bumpy, slow.

Q. Finished birdie, birdie, birdie?
STEPHEN AMES: Yeah, lucky me.

Q. How long was the one on 7?
STEPHEN AMES: 7 was about 35 feet. I mean, I had no shot, hit in the rough on the right and I just chipped out to the middle of the green there, just try to make par, get on with the round and it went in the hole.
8 was about eight feet. 5-wood about eight feet.

Q. How slow were the greens?
STEPHEN AMES: About 6. It's exceptionally slow. It's too hot and they can't get it fast enough because they have the wrong grass for this type of area unfortunately.

Q. Overall playing good?
STEPHEN AMES: Yeah, hitting it great. Overall, yeah, I am hitting good. We changed a couple of things this week, just perspective, understanding -- I don't think we changed anything, just how we go about getting it in the right position. And hitting it really nice, loving it.
I think I was rewarded for the way I played today, which is nice. Other weeks, I've played like this and have not been rewarded. I putted well. I mean, we've got a few more days to go, God, it's going to be hot every day.

Q. Next year it will be in Death Valley?
STEPHEN AMES: That will be a great warm up -- great, by then I'll be weighing 155 pounds just like I was before marriage. Anyhow, it was a good day. Can't complain.

Q. Anything stand out in terms of misses or near misses?
STEPHEN AMES: I did. I hit the pin on 13 and came back 20 feet and the putt lipped out.
18, I hit it like about eight feet there, pin-high right, missed that. A couple, not very many. I just played steady golf and somewhat played to my game plan and made some putts for pars that I needed to.
I got an unlucky break on 2 where it hit the tree on the right and came straight back, almost went in the hazard. It went into the trap. I was like, oh my God, where did this come from.
Then I laid up the next one 20 feet and made that one. So I got rewarded for being unlucky which is nice.

Q. When you're playing well, you're a shot-maker. You're not a power guy.
STEPHEN AMES: No, I'm not a power guy. This is up my alley.

Q. If you can handle the conditions, and obviously you can, you're fit enough --
STEPHEN AMES: Exactly. Unlike John Daly. No wonder he didn't play any practice rounds, he would have died. (Laughter).

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