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August 9, 2007

John Senden


JOHN SENDEN: Yeah, I felt good today. I've been practicing well all week. And you know I had a -- I had a couple of good rounds at Bridgestone last week, too. So that was a good, put me in good stead for my round today.
I enjoyed this golf course. It's the most fabulous golf course I've ever played, and the condition of the golf course is pristine. So it's the greatest of golf out there. You have to really have all your game in stead this week.
I think driving is essential around this course, because the bermuda rough is very difficult at the greens, especially with the way the golf course is changing from being soft in practice and now it's starting to firm up in the first round, it's only going to get firmer as the week goes on.
Enjoyed my round today. And tomorrow I've got morning conditions, too. So the greens are going to be slightly more receptive, and looking forward to another good day tomorrow and retaining another good form, good attitude and make myself feel good to shoot a good score.

Q. Is the heat a factor for you at all; are you pretty much used to it?
JOHN SENDEN: We grew up playing in the heat, in Australia it's quite hot conditions. And living in Dallas, it's pretty hot in the summertime. So we believe -- I believe I'm handling it quite well.
I'm staying hydrated, which is a key. And it's a lot easier to play in the heat than it is in the cold. So you're getting good results out there because of the fact that the ball's traveling a long way and you can -- you've also got to control that factor as well. If you've got a certain yardage you're used to, maybe add 5 or 10% onto it because of the heat and the way the ball's going.
Some of those down breeze shots today were definitely had you to take one club less. But overall I feel pretty good with the heat. Just doing what's necessary to stay hydrated and make yourself feel good.

Q. Talk about how much you like this course; did you play here in '01?
JOHN SENDEN: No. First time here this week. I had two practice rounds Tuesday and Wednesday. And the golf course was, it's fabulous. It's a tough test of golf. The golf course is, every hole is a challenge. And it's a great setup. I mean PGA did a great job setting up the course. And so far so good with the conditions and with the setup, I think you noticed how they were putting the water on the greens today. That's just sort of has to happen because the greens are just sort of, almost die off, I guess.
So I think it's one of the best golf courses I've played, and I'm enjoying it.

Q. What's the key to your score today?
JOHN SENDEN: I really have been working hard on my putting, and I've always struck the ball well. I just need to retain a good attitude with tough conditions and today I just putted solid. I got the putts where I needed to early in my round. And kept a positive momentum continuing. And a couple of light bogeys was not from really probably one poor tee shot at 7. But the rest of it I hit a nice 3 on 8 at the front edge. Had two good putts the first one pulled up short and the second putt, my par putt just sort of just missed on the top side.
So I walked off the bogey there not doing too much wrong. That's just the nature of this course and that's what major championships do to you.
I'm learning that. I'm gaining that experience. And it's doing me a lot of good.

Q. What are your thoughts on a guy like John Daly, doesn't practice at all and comes in and gets 4-under?
JOHN SENDEN: Yeah, look he's a fabulous player. And I think that maybe that's a good thing because he doesn't want to wear himself out with the heat. So I would sort of -- my feelings are at least you've got to have one practice round, have a look at it. So I think that's what he's trying to do and it's worked so far for him. He's seen the golf course today, and I think he's going to just have just -- he's going to see it again tomorrow. So I don't think -- hopefully he will shoot another good round, too.

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