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August 9, 2007

Woody Austin


WOODY AUSTIN: All in all, it was pretty solid. Got two fortunate breaks on a couple of bad swings, but hit the ball real solid. Hit the ball close to the hole. Missed a lot of opportunities the last 10 holes, which was kind of disappointing, but it was really, other than the two bad swings, it was a pretty simple day.

Q. What are some of the breaks?
WOODY AUSTIN: Hit a bad drive on 16. And I was going to lay up. I was just going to hit it out. My caddie is like, "You can hit this shot, rescue up over the tree." I'm like, "I don't think I can hit that shot." He said, "Sure you can. If I can, you can hit it." He talked me into hitting it.
I hit this high banana cut rescue on the right front of the green. Then I 2-putted and I missed the green on No. 3 in the right bunker and hit a good bunker shot but it was going to roll by but it hit the flag.

Q. Can he hit that shot?
WOODY AUSTIN: He's a lot better short hand than I am. I wish he could chip and putt for me. If he could, I would be in really good shape.

Q. You talked about in the past about how you like courses that kind of, you don't have to be a monster to play; obviously this is one of those?
WOODY AUSTIN: It's long. It's not like this course is short. But with the technology today, I guess any golf course doesn't seem as monstrous as it could be.
But you gotta drive -- the nice thing about this is you've got to drive it straight. I'm struggling a little bit with that. But I was able to figure out a few things today as far as fight the ball into the fairway, even though they weren't the way I like to hit them. But I fought them into the fairways.
That's the nice thing about it, is there are ways to get it around the golf course, even when you don't have your game; whereas like last week, shoot, if you couldn't hit the ball 320 yards last week down the middle, it didn't matter.

Q. What was the option you would have had on 16 if you hadn't hit that rescue?
WOODY AUSTIN: I was an 8-iron up over the same tree out into the fairway (smiling). It was a pretty good line. It was on a little bit, a little hard pan, so I didn't think I could get the rescue under it.
And usually I'm the one thinking "I can hit the shots. " He's the one saying "That's stupid." But he was like, "Oh, you can hit this shot." And so I guess he was right.

Q. Woody, reaction to the two guys at the top of the leaderboard, first Graeme and John Daly?
WOODY AUSTIN: I don't know Graeme. Obviously played a great round of golf. JD I would consider one of my good friends. He's a super nice guy and I was happy to see it.
And I was trying to catch him (smiling).

Q. In terms of handling the heat, we've been asking everybody how they did it. What did you do?
WOODY AUSTIN: I just drank a lot of fluids. I have a good friend of mine that I grew up in Tampa, Florida; he's got multiple titles. He's a chiropractor, nutritionist, sports medicine, and he has numerous titles, and he has a, he got me hooked on this drink. It's a hydrolight. Just hydrates you just like Gatorade does, just doesn't have as much sugar. I've been drinking that for a little over a year. Started drinking it at the beginning of last year. It's really good. Keeps you hydrated really good.
As long as I keep drinking that, I'm sweating a bunch but not too bad.

Q. How much did you drink?
WOODY AUSTIN: Well, let's see, I was told to alternate it. So I probably had one every two holes. I probably had five bottles of hydrolight and four bottles of water.

Q. What's the guy's name?
WOODY AUSTIN: Dr. Christopher P. D Moreno in Tampa, Florida. He's the nutritionist for Winkie Wright, the boxer. Few other boxers. He's got numerous titles.

Q. People hit it in the rough; you look at it, it doesn't appear that, but did you just swallow the ball up?
WOODY AUSTIN: The thing about bermuda, the ball falls to the bottom. Unless it's unbelievably thick bermuda, the ball sinks. It's patchy in spots, thin in spots. But the ball still goes to the bottom. Depending on which hole, as to what club you've got to the green, now if you missed the fairway for someone like myself on No. 2, I don't care how good the guy is; I've got 180 yards, it would be a good lop. But let's say you miss it on 9 and get a wedge, hit it in that light area. Seems like the short holes, like 4, 9, 17, seems like the rough there is all thick (laughter). Seems like even if you have a wedge there you're digging.

Q. Those putts on the last few holes, that felt like it kept it from being a great day?
WOODY AUSTIN: Like I said, very aggravating, very disappointing to -- I mean the last ten holes, I hit an unbelievable shot into 18. To have six feet for birdie or seven feet for birdie on 18 today with that flag and to miss that, and miss those last two at No. 8, that's 244 yards and hit it eight to ten feet, miss that.
It's six feet on the last hole, miss that. That's a disappointing finish. I'm not going to lie. It's disappointing.

Q. Different conditions tomorrow morning than you face today?
WOODY AUSTIN: Well, the greens started to get a little purple in spots. They started to get a little dry. It was actually pretty hard to keep the ball on 6 green, the par 3. So hopefully tomorrow we obviously won't have that by the end of our round.
So just keep playing good and keep the ball in the fairway.

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