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August 9, 2007

Graeme Storm


Q. Must be good a good feeling leading the PGA in the first round?
GRAEME STORM: Good feeling. Didn't expect it at all. It's an absolute pleasure to be the top of the leaderboard now.

Q. You didn't expect this; what did you expect?
GRAEME STORM: I think I've not been playing great, and I thought 18 over par last week. And I expected the course to be as tough or if not tougher, really. Quite fortunate we play in Asia quite a lot. I'm used to the heat and humidity and the type of grass we're playing on this week. The course just maybe suits me a little bit better than last week.

Q. Talk about the front nine. You came out 4-under for your first nine holes. That's a pretty great start at a major?
GRAEME STORM: It really was. Held a great putt at 10. Quite a tricky putt there and nearly had one at 11. Held it to about six inches there. Could have nearly gone in. From there on got off to a nice start and comfortable and enjoyed every minute of it, really.

Q. You played in the heat today, hottest part of the day. You shot two shots better than anybody on the course?
GRAEME STORM: Yes, I mean maybe I just got lucky; I don't know. But I was chipping out there, a horseshoe from a chip. Maybe the ball was just running the right way for me, which it hasn't done for the last few weeks.

Q. Tomorrow, is it a benefit for you to get to play early morning, which will probably be easier conditions to play?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, I think so. Obviously when I saw the draw, it was 7:30 on the Friday morning, knew that I was fast out. And obviously the course conditions are always going to be the best of greens and what have you. The heat is not going to be as much of a factor in the humidity. But, yeah, just go out there, keep doing the same things, really.

Q. Is it surreal at all for you to be leading the PGA by two shots?
GRAEME STORM: Not really. I don't know. Just really enjoying the moment.

Q. When you look at the way the year has panned out, first-time major winners, is that encouraging for you?
GRAEME STORM: It is, really; but I'm not going to get out of myself and say I'm going to be there come Sunday. I'm just going to enjoy every moment of it and hopefully play well tomorrow and have a nice weekend.

Q. You've been successful on the European Tour. Can you contrast what it's like over here in the states?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, obviously winning in France was a massive boost, changed my life a little. But it opened new doors to play last week and getting a special invite to play this week.
It is a big contrast to come over here. Like I say, I've played eight weeks on the spin now. I couldn't have done it with a break before last week, but I never got the chance and you can't turn down these kinds of invites to these tournaments.

Q. Our American golfers, a look at one of our guys, in particular John Daly, what comes to mind when you look at what he's been able to do today, no practice rounds?
GRAEME STORM: Well, obviously John Daly and all, he's obviously just deciding to enjoy himself, and maybe that's what the key is for him. Good luck to him. He's a great guy, obviously. He's a big character, and we enjoy watching him play on the European Tour when he comes over.

Q. Tomorrow, when you're playing with the lead, is there anything, I mean it's going to be new for you playing with a lead in the major, are you ready for that?
GRAEME STORM: I don't know whether I'm ready for it. But I'm just going to, it's only the second round. If I'm still there come Sunday, there might be a big difference. But I've just got to go out and keep doing the same things I'm doing and just enjoy the moment.

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