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August 9, 2007

Tiger Woods


Q. Tiger, after three birdies, first six holes, if there was a turning point or something changed, what was it?
TIGER WOODS: I don't know. I felt like I hit the ball better than my score indicates which is good. That's a good sign heading into the next three days, and just need to clean up my round a little bit.

Q. When you look at the par saves on 16 and 17 and what you did there, what momentum double that gave you at the time, and heading over to the front side?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I felt pretty good about it. I had two good saves there and it felt like I hit a couple loose shots and I got away with the two pars and felt like just keep playing the back nine and see what happens.
The back nine, I missed a couple shots, and also the wind was a little hard to gauge on that back nine. It was swirling all over the place. Cost me definitely one shot for sure.

Q. It seemed like that was the case, seeing some of the reaction shots, how would you describe conditions in terms of the wind overall?
TIGER WOODS: Well, it was blowing pretty hard early. At least it was consistent. It was coming out of the same direction. Now it's all over the place and it's playing tricks on all of us in our group today. All three of us had a difficult time gauging which way it was coming from. Good shots didn't always end up where we thought it would be.

Q. John Daly is just finishing up right now and he's got a share of the lead. Just your reaction.
TIGER WOODS: Well, it must be from all of the practice rounds he played here. (Laughter).
I think we all know, JD is extremely talented; once he gets going, he gets going. He plays very aggressively. I saw him -- I think we were on 18 and saw a ball way down there on 9. When he gets going, as we all know, he can shoot in good numbers.

Q. Talk about the heat, did it brother you?
TIGER WOODS: Well, it's warmer than Florida but nowhere near as humid which is nice. That's one of the reasons why you run all those miles ought here in the heat and stay in decent shape.

Q. Can you talk about the par 5 you hit in two, the second one on the front nine? It looked like 298 in.
TIGER WOODS: I had 286 front. I don't know what it was to the hole. But 286 front and I was just trying to roll the ball in the gap in the right bunker. To be honest with you, I should have probably been in the right bunker because hugging the right side, it kicked left and everything tilts left-to-right so it should have gone in the right bunker. But kicking a little bit left and up the hill, you know, perfect.

Q. About how far?
TIGER WOODS: About a 15-footer there.

Q. You looked like you thought you made it.
TIGER WOODS: Just left it dead-center short, hanging around on the lip.

Q. You backed off on the 16 tee there a couple of times. Can you tell us what was going on there?
TIGER WOODS: Well, the guys were playing down there, obviously, that's one. And the second one is the cross-walk, they let all of the people cross which means I'm hitting into these people. Especially with the wind being down off the left, especially more so today than it has been, can easily roll through into the crosswalk and I didn't feel comfortable hitting with the people there.
I tried to take something off of it, just hit a little driver down there and make sure I stay short of the people but I should have just waited and left them cross but I didn't do that.

Q. Are the greens more consistent than in 2001?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, they are, a lot better. We have 18 greens running at the same speed, which is nice.

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