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August 9, 2007

Brian Bateman


Q. Talk about your round, Brian. You got off to a good start.
BRIAN BATEMAN: Yeah, I got off to a good start. I birdied the first hole which is always nice. I didn't play too bad today. You know, there were some -- there was a stretch for about an hour there in the middle of the round where the wind picked up and it's laid down since.
But the golf course, it's penal at times but I think if you hit the fairway, keep it where you can control your ball flight, control where you can put it on the greens, you have a chance to make some birdies.

Q. Where did you finish, 1-over?

Q. Talk about the incident this morning, I guess there was a report that you almost got hit in the head?
BRIAN BATEMAN: Yeah, I was walking to the 10th tee and I was coming across the back of No. 1 tee, and there was a guy, I don't know who he was, but I was taking a practice swing and I threw my hands up and he stopped just short of my nose. Not the start I was looking for but no harm, no foul.

Q. Do you feel like you're in pretty decent shape, where you are now?
BRIAN BATEMAN: Yeah, I played well today. I didn't have any expectations coming into this week after last week at Firestone. It was such a grueling test of golf all week long, but I worked hard these last few days and I've tried to pace myself with the conditions. I had not tried to practice too much. I tried to walk in the shade a lot today going down each par 4 and par 5 just to gather any cool air I could.
But I'm happy. I would have loved to have shot under par today and I think I had a pretty good chance, just some trouble on a few par 3s and that cost me the difference.

Q. Any idea what it's going to take to win this tournament?
BRIAN BATEMAN: No idea. No idea. There's going to be some birdies made. If the course stays like it is now, it's probably going to firm up a little bit in the fairways. The greens, there's some putts that you can make if you keep it in the right spots on the greens. But if the wind doesn't blow and someone drives the ball well they are going to have a lot of chances at birdies because they are going to be able to take advantage of being in the fairway.

Q. Are you changing anything for tomorrow from the plan for today?
BRIAN BATEMAN: No, I've got a game plan for the week what I'm hitting off the tees. And my strategy, I'm trying to do all I can to hit it in the fairway. There's not many holes to take chances on off the tee. You've either got to hit what you've got to hit -- some of the guys are hitting driver on some of the shorter holes but I'm more concerned on these short doglegs getting it in the fairway.

Q. In 2001, the complaint were the greens were not consistent, how were they today?
BRIAN BATEMAN: Above the hole was pretty quick and below the hole was pretty slow, they were consistent.

Q. On 4, did you think you were on the wrong spot?
BRIAN BATEMAN: Perfect example, on 4 I was five feet below the hole and had a pretty easy putt, just hit a bad stroke. I hit it close on 15, I was three or four feet above the hole and I would have rather been 15 feet below because I was -- that's the perfect example of being in the right spots on the greens.

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