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August 9, 2007

Mark Wilson


Q. Mark, talk about your round.
MARK WILSON: Yeah I got off to a quick start and wasn't expecting that to be honest with you, some long putts on 10 and 11 to be 2-under early and 13 didn't make birdie there and made a silly double on 14. But I hung in there and I'm happy with 1-under.

Q. Talk about the way the course is playing.
MARK WILSON: The greens are still somewhat soft. They are starting to firm up a little bit. But you hit high iron shots, and they will hold.
Fairways are tough to hit with all of the little bends in them and the slopes. The greens are definitely getting faster, though. You get above the hole, you've got to be very careful with your speed. You can run it by pretty quick.

Q. Any idea what the winner, what kind of score they are going to be looking at? Anything you can predict on that?
MARK WILSON: That's a tough one. I don't know what the weather forecast in terms of wind is going to be the rest of the week. That will play a big part if it gets windy. I know a lot of guys are in the red today. That's usually what happens on the first day in most majors and then all fall back after that.
5-, 6-under, seems like it could be the case.

Q. Do the greens seem all right from when the Open was here? They really talked a lot about 9 and 18.
MARK WILSON: Oh, okay. They had the pins back on both 9 and 18 and I hit it to a foot so I didn't have to deal with it. But I'm sure any shot spinning there is going to come all the way down. But they seem fair right now in the sense that you can actually stop it if you're on the top tier and there's a pin on the bottom, you can actually probably stop it.

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