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August 9, 2007

Sergio Garcia


Q. Can you tell us about your round a little bit, please.
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, just a shame, those last two bogeys on the last two. But overall, not a bad round. I got off to a great start and could have been -- I missed three good birdie chances on 14, 15 and 16, so I could have been easily 4- or 5-under through seven.
But then, you know, there's some tough holes coming out, and I made a couple bad bogeys here and there. You know, recovered nicely, throughout the back nine, and then unfortunately I just didn't have a great finish.

Q. What effect is the heat having?
SERGIO GARCIA: It's definitely -- it definitely affects, (sipping water) mainly because you're constantly sweating so you have to dry yourself, dry your arms, your hands and the grip and everything and 15 seconds later you're sweating again.
So it's not easy. It takes a lot of time to get ready. But, you know, it was a little bit breezy, so it made it a little bit tougher but overall it was okay.

Q. And how is the course playing?
SERGIO GARCIA: The course is playing pretty good. The green were pretty receptive this morning early on and then they got a little bit drier as the day went on. You know, there were there good pins out there that if you manage to hit in the fairway, you can attack. If you are struggling with your tee shots, it's a little bits tougher to get to.
But overall, I think it was a great setup.

Q. There is a lot of talk about the greens on 9 and 18 in 2001; how are they playing now in comparison this time around, are they more fair?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, definitely, that's why they did them. Definitely the ball stays on the green. If you hit a bad shot, the ball still is going to come down on the hill. But if you hit an okay shot, a pretty decent shot, it just doesn't carry the hill, it's not going to go all the way back 60 yards short of the green.

Q. Could you feel the heat wearing on you as the day went on?
SERGIO GARCIA: It does take a little bit out of you, no doubt. But not only me, I think everybody. You kind of get slower as the day goes on.
But you know, overall I guess it's better to play in heat than extreme cold.

Q. Is this a different heat than Spain that you have?
SERGIO GARCIA: It's not as hot in Spain.

Q. Not as humid?
SERGIO GARCIA: Not as humid, either.

Q. Now that you have one round in, what's your mind-set going to tomorrow?
SERGIO GARCIA: Same thing, just get out there have another good round and get myself in a good position.
Unfortunately I'm disappointed in the last two holes, misread both the putts.

Q. What did they tell you, did they put you on the clock?
SERGIO GARCIA: "You're on the clock." That's pretty much what they said.

Q. You obviously weren't real happy with that; how much did that affect things?
SERGIO GARCIA: No, it's not that I wasn't happy. It's that they told us on 16, they told us just make sure you guys catch up a little bit because we're getting out of position, mainly because of the things I've been telling you about.
And you know, we tried, but at the same time, it's not that you have to dry yourself and everything; it's that there's a lot of holes where two greens are close to each other, so you have to wait for the other guys. The other guys are hitting and you have to wait for them to hit. The putt I missed on 16, I probably missed it because I rushed it a little bit, tried to hit it before Hunter Mahan; he was on 13.
It's difficult to gain that room that you lost, that ground that you lost if you have to wait for some of the other guys. That's the only thing I told them.

Q. How far was the putt on 18?
SERGIO GARCIA: On 18, it was --

Q. I mean, on 9, your last hole.
SERGIO GARCIA: It was probably about -- probably about five feet, four and a half, five feet. Tricky putt. It looked like it was going to be straight and broke right.

Q. After the British, how much do you forget that --
SERGIO GARCIA: No, you don't forget it. There were -- if I look back at the birdies, I think you know, on a scale of 100, there were probably 95 positive things and five negative things. So you can't forget about a week that is so positive.
I think the British, even though I didn't win, it's going to be good for me in the future, just getting in that position and holding the lead for three days at the biggest tournament we have. So that definitely is going to help me throughout my career.

Q. What kind of reception did you get from the fans?
SERGIO GARCIA: Good as always.

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