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August 9, 2007

Markus Brier


Q. Just some opening thoughts on the round today?
MARKUS BRIER: Yeah, got off to a very good start, opened with a birdie on the 10th and the beginning hit a lot of good shots and the weather was hot, as well. I had a good save on 16 from par, I had to lay up and I was very lucky on 17, in the trees, and the lie got to like 10 feet and holed the birdie.
The back nine I was driving a little bit -- the double bogey obviously at the end obviously wasn't too nice but overall under par is all right.

Q. What happened on 9?
MARKUS BRIER: 9, it was a bit tragic, holed it against the wind just pushed it, and sliced it actually and actually it was gutted out back to the fairway and thought I hit a good third shot actually. That was, yeah, four or five yards too long over the green, chipped it okay. Was probably the only putt I missed today. So, that happens, but yeah, it was a bit too ambitious with my third shot.

Q. Did the heat play a factor at all today?
MARKUS BRIER: It was good on the front nine. Then obviously it was very sweaty on the back nine, but you know what's coming up to you have your towel and try to stay in the shade as much as possible. It's the same for everybody.

Q. Was it an advantage playing early in the morning?
MARKUS BRIER: Definitely. The first nine holes, like I said, were really nice, and didn't need the towel too much. The greens were perfect. I mean, now you can see the odd spike mark maybe. It's really good; I would like to play in the morning again tomorrow. (Laughing).

Q. Are you not looking forward to an afternoon tee time tomorrow?
MARKUS BRIER: Always it's going to be hot at the start now. So I have to look into that, but everybody has that. So maybe get some clouds tomorrow hopefully.

Q. Do you take disappointment away because of how the round ended, or do you just say, okay, that's going to happen?
MARKUS BRIER: Yeah, everybody is going to struggle on one or the other hole. Obviously it's not nice to do it on the last hole, but I think I'm over that already.

Q. Is this your first tournament in the States; is that right?

Q. Has it been an exciting trip to experience?
MARKUS BRIER: Yeah, so far it's been good. Obviously when you play well it's even better. But the last three days were nice. Yeah, it's a bit different, the organization and everything. I'm happy, I'm comfortable and yeah, hope to keep on playing well.

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