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August 7, 2007

Philip Bester

Pierre-Ludovic Duclos



Q. This is the first time you played with Philip. Will you repeat the experience in the future? The chemistry was pretty good in this first match.
PIERRE-LUDOVIC DUCLOS: Yeah, I'm really happy that me and Philip played together. I think we can play well, you know. In the future if we get more chance to play together, I'm sure we'll play better.
Today, of course, it was our first time. But I think we played pretty good still.

Q. Just overall your experience for the tournament, how it went today as well, if you could sum it up?
PIERRE-LUDOVIC DUCLOS: The experience? Yeah, it was a good experience for me this whole week, especially to play against Nadal today on center court, that was great. You know, I'll come back next year to Toronto and try to play good again.

Q. What were your expectations before coming into this match when you found out who you were going to play? What was going through your mind, what kind of strategy did you have?
PIERRE-LUDOVIC DUCLOS: Well, I didn't have no expectation at all, you know. Me and Philip, we just went out there and tried to play our best tennis. If we end up winning, that was good. But otherwise I think we're pretty happy about our performance today.

Q. What do you learn being on the same court actually playing two guys at that level that you can't learn just by watching them or have somebody tell you how they do things?
PHILIP BESTER: I think, you know, obviously when you look on the other side of the net and you see the intensity that they pose both together and then separately, I think that's one thing. And then secondly, obviously the way that -- if it's on our side of the net, the way they hit the ball, the heaviness of it.
You know, obviously you don't get many opportunities like this every day, so I think it was -- it's hard because obviously you can learn certain things by watching them and playing with them, but at the end of the day, it's up to you on what you can do and what you work on.

Q. If you spend too much time watching them...
PHILIP BESTER: Everybody is different. Everybody has their own game style, their own way of doing things. You have a guy like Nadal, who is very emotional, pumps his fists. Then you have a guy like Federer, who I don't think breathes on the court when he plays. There's two complete opposites there.
But, you know, it's just great to be in the same -- on the same court as two amazing professionals, being able to be there.

Q. Looked to me like they took it as seriously as they would take any other match, regardless of what you were ranked. Their demeanor was no different. It was serious business.
PHILIP BESTER: Well, I'm sure the same for Pierre and I, when we play singles or doubles, it's the same thing. We play every match, regardless of who you play. Same for Nadal and Hewitt. Obviously, it's like a job. You know, you're making money. It's a job.
But, you know, they're two professionals. Wouldn't go out and expect anything less than what they played. I'm sure that's just the mentality of any athlete.

Q. In playing a former No. 1 and an aspiring No. 1, obviously you had butterflies beforehand. Once you got into the match, did you find your nerves went from wherever they were to you were just playing tennis now?
PHILIP BESTER: You know, personally once I walked out on that court, I didn't feel any nerves at all. When I heard we were playing Nadal and Hewitt, obviously butterflies because it's a great experience to be on the opposite side of the net of Hewitt and Nadal.
But when we walked out, I told Pierre, you know, let's just fight. This is our home court. We've both played a match on that court. We both know the atmosphere. We know that the crowd's going to be behind us.
For me personally, I was very comfortable right from the start. Even in the warmup, hitting with Nadal, it was great. It was fine for me.

Q. Is it the same thing for you?
PIERRE-LUDOVIC DUCLOS: Yeah. I think at the beginning we played -- we didn't really feel any pressure, so we played loose, you know, beginning of the match. Then suddenly we were up, you know. We didn't really expect that.
I think we might start to think a little bit too much, you know. But they start to play really well. The match changed, but that's because they start playing really well.

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