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August 4, 2007

Kenny Perry


KENNY PERRY: On the 3rd hole I spun a sand wedge just a little bit short back in the lake after hitting that fairway, and that's a hard fairway to hit. That was a little disappointing. I just had to suck it up there, and I knew if I could somehow get it back to even par, and that was kind of my goal for the day, I had it. I got it back to even and ended up bogeying that one hole coming in to shoot 1-over, but I was pretty happy with my round.

Q. You are closer to the lead than you probably were at the start of the day. That's how tough it was out there today. How tough was it?
KENNY PERRY: The fairways are so firm that -- I hit so many good shots down either the left side of the fairway or the right side of the fairway and they go in the rough every time, and I'm just chopping out and then you're just trying to scramble to make a par.
You know what, I got lucky on the 10th hole. That really saved me. I spun a sand wedge off the green but I made this putt -- if it didn't hit the hole it was going to go 15 feet by, and it kind of jumped up in the air and fell in for a birdie.
And then I birdied the 13th hole, so that really kind of got me back in the golf tournament.

Q. You've won enough tournaments to know sometimes when that sort of thing happens, it's an omen?
KENNY PERRY: Well, it can be. I mean, you need things like that to happen to win golf tournaments, I think. You know what, I'm still quite a few behind, but you know, if you can go out there and somehow shoot a 67 tomorrow, I don't know, the golf course is just mean. It really is. It's a very severe test. It just tests every part of your game, mentally, physically, and if you don't hit those fairways you're just struggling from the getgo.

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