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August 4, 2007

Justin Leonard


Q. Justin, you drop a shot on the round and have kind of a roller coaster round and you're going to be closer to the lead on Sunday morning probably than you were on Saturday morning. It's wind, isn't it?
JUSTIN LEONARD: Yeah, this golf course is playing pretty tough. I was 3-under through 5, and playing pretty good, making putts, and all of a sudden the holes started jumping out of the way. You know, I hit the ball okay, not great, still had a lot of good putts that didn't go in. Hopefully I can get those to go in tomorrow.

Q. At 18 you hit a great second in that I thought was going to roll over and just trickle in. It was going downhill and it stopped. That's when things are tough.
JUSTIN LEONARD: Yeah, that's kind of the way things have been going, because if that ball -- probably needs to roll like another couple inches and it's going to be about five feet and a pretty easy putt. Instead I've got a putt that's breaking two feet straight downhill. You know what, those things all even out in the end.

Q. You're a major champion. This has been major tough, hasn't it?
JUSTIN LEONARD: Yeah. We haven't had any wind, either. I can't imagine what the scores would be like if we had had a good 10-, 15-mile-an-hour breeze. But the golf course, it's so firm right now, it's -- you look at some of these pins and you just start to laugh. But, you know, it's supposed to rain tomorrow, soften up a little bit, and if that happens, we might see some better scores.

Q. Outside of Oakmont, the toughest you've played this year?
JUSTIN LEONARD: Yeah, probably so, yeah.

Q. Well, good luck to you.
JUSTIN LEONARD: All right, thank you.

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