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August 4, 2007

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE: Obviously the scoreboard tells the story. You know, at the beginning of the week I didn't think the rough was that crazy, but the more you hit it in there, you realize how thick that rough is. A couple today I assessed the lie, I thought I had a chance to chase it out there 100 yards and hit it like ten yards. The rough is really, really thick. You miss the fairway you're staring bogey in the face.

Q. Obviously you've had four birdies in your round and finished with a 71. How do you feel about that overall?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, I shouldn't have made double. Missed the green with a sand wedge, which was poor. So you accept bogeys but when you turn them into doubles you're going to be disappointed. And then three-putting 18 -- apart from that, you're going to accept that you're going to make the odd mistake around here. All in all, a decent round of golf, but it leaves me a little bit too much to do tomorrow.

Q. Yesterday you said you needed to drive the ball better. Did you?
JUSTIN ROSE: Not really. I hit my 3-wood okay, which I got some 3-woods in play off the tee, and I made a few birdies when I did that. But I still really struggled with the driver. I hit a great shot off the 2nd with a driver, a little bit of a draw, which is what I've been struggling to do all week, and I thought, hello, that was a great hit. And it was all downhill from there.

Q. Off to the range now to work on it a little?
JUSTIN ROSE: I am toying with -- I don't know whether it's better this week whether to save some, have a little bit in the tank for next week and just take what this week gives me.

Q. Luke shot 67 early on, but do you feel it might need something of that order to give yourself even an outside chance just looking at the --
JUSTIN ROSE: What am I, 2-over?

Q. 2-over. 4-under is leading. Two players are 4-under.
JUSTIN ROSE: 2-over, I think I wouldn't want to be any worse than 2-over.

Q. Par would be something you would be aiming at?
JUSTIN ROSE: I wasn't really thinking about the bigger picture in terms of tomorrow, just playing shot for shot out there. But when you come off and you realize you're 2-over instead of -- if you were level, say the guys drop one shot each coming, 3 back, you've got a chance. Yeah, I've still got a chance, but that's frustrating.

Q. Can you just talk about how difficult the 9th hole is playing?
JUSTIN ROSE: The 9th hole is rubbish. I don't like that new tee personally, unless you can carry it 310. I think it's a pretty bad hole. You've only got like five yards to land the ball in to keep it in the fairway. If you miss the fairway, you can't reach the green. That's it, really. It's a shame -- well, it's not a shame, but the rest of the golf course is fantastic.

Q. Do you think they went a little bit too far with that new tee?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, downwind it's okay. Downwind we were getting it over the hill and everyone could make the carry, but today Tim Clark hit a beautiful draw off the tee, kicked into the side of the slope and missed the fairway and ended up having to up-and-down it for bogey off a good tee shot, so that's a little bit unfair. I don't mind the length, but maybe they just need to soften the fairway a little bit, chisel a little bit of that slope off the fairway.

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