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August 4, 2007

Joe Durant


Q. First of all, can you just tell me how difficult this golf course is playing out there today?
JOE DURANT: It's very difficult, and I kind of proved that in the last two holes. If you fall asleep for just a minute or two, it can bite you, and I did briefly on 17. I missed a short little putt, and then I probably let it carry over on 18, hit a poor tee shot and made 6. You've just got to stay focused for 18 holes.

Q. Right now you're six back. What's the mindset tomorrow? You can't really get that aggressive out there, can you?
JOE DURANT: No, you've got to be very patient. You've got to just go fairways and greens, and you can't be overly aggressive on the greens, either, so it's just a test all the way around. I'm going to play like I did for 16 holes today tomorrow, all the way through, and hopefully shoot a good score and kind of hike my way up the leaderboard.

Q. How was this one -- not only a test golf-wise but also mentally and then you've got a major championship in just a couple of days?
JOE DURANT: Right, this is a heck of a preparation for that. This may be harder than next week, who knows. The PGA, typically, they just let us go play. They don't try to trick it up too much. But this place is very difficult this week.

Q. Do you feel it's been tricked up, especially in comparison to previous years?
JOE DURANT: No, I don't think it's tricked up, it's just difficult. The fairways are dry and firm, so it's hard to keep the ball in the fairways. The greens are very slick. I haven't been here in a long time, but from what I remember, they're much slicker than they were the last time. So it's just a very difficult test.

Q. Can you go back over -- let's make it more painful, but back over 17 and 18?
JOE DURANT: I hit two good shots on 17 behind the hole about 15 feet, hit my first putt, couldn't have been a foot, foot and a half, and I just pulled it out of the hole and it lipped out.
Then 18, I pulled my tee shot left, actually had an opening to chip it on the green, pitched it down there in front of the green, but my ball shot up a little quick and caught the only limb that was in my way and went left and down, so then had to pitch it out. I hit a good fourth shot, I guess it was, but didn't make the putt, so I made 6. Just didn't quite bring it to the house. It was disappointing because I played well today.

Q. It happened to a lot of people out there.
JOE DURANT: You just hate to do it then because I hit so many good shots today, had a lot of opportunity. I was 2-under for the day going into 17. That was the worst I should have been by a couple shots, just had a moment (laughing), or a couple moments.

Q. Outside of Oakmont, is this the hardest setup, hardest golf course you've played this year?
JOE DURANT: Yeah, probably so. This is as difficult as anything we've played this year, a couple courses on the Florida Swing were difficult because it was so windy, but it hasn't been windy at all. This week, had it been windy, I would be scared to think what the scores would be like.

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