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August 4, 2007

Chris DiMarco


Q. Chris, another tough round. You drop a couple of shots for par, and yet you probably gained ground on the leaders.
CHRIS DiMARCO: Yeah, it was tough. I hit a really good shot into No. 2, and I get up there and it plugged in the lip and I had to brush away the sand just to even find my ball, and to come out of there with a bogey was probably a two-shot swing, so I really think the round was an even-par round. On this course the way it played today, obviously you can see there were really high scores.

Q. Although you birdied 18, and that's about a two-shot swing for everybody else, too.
CHRIS DiMARCO: I hit a good drive and I had a good angle and it was a good club, and I just went ahead and hit it, and it ended up 8, 10, 12 feet and made a good putt. It's the longest birdie putt I've made all week.
I'm hitting it good. I drove it really well today, and I think that's the key. As long as I can do that and put the ball in play, my iron play has been really solid this week, so I am looking forward to tomorrow. I'm not that far back, and who knows.

Q. Your first two rounds you talked about how well you scrambled and you were leading the field in scramble. Was that the case today, or did you hit more greens today?
CHRIS DiMARCO: I hit more greens today. I seemed to be in the fairway more and have more shots at the greens. You know what's been really good is my putting. I've really putted good this week, especially from those distances, from six, seven feet and in, the ones that are good momentum savers, and then obviously good ones to get you --

Q. Outside Oakmont, is this as tough as you've seen on TOUR all year?
CHRIS DiMARCO: What this is is, this is the fairest test we've seen. Oakmont wasn't fair. This is fair. This is as fair as it gets. If you put it in play, you can birdie every one of the holes out there. I hit a good drive on No. 9, had a 7-iron in there. You could have got close there. It's fair, and that's what makes it fun. It's a really good golf course, nothing tricked up, the greens are fast, the fairways are running hard and fast, the rough is up. It's just right there in front of you. There's no tricks.

Q. I see that twinkle in your eye again. You're back in the hunt and you're feeling good?
CHRIS DiMARCO: You know, there's nothing better than being in the hunt. I played really well at the British, gave myself a chance there. I'm seeing very big strides, and it's nice to actually be here on Saturday afternoon instead of back having a couple beers.

Q. In terms of catching any kind of break this week or next week, going to the PGA, do you think you'll see conditions that will be as difficult as you've seen this week?
CHRIS DiMARCO: Well, I certainly know that whatever we see this week, next week isn't going to be any harder. It's different, though. The grass over in Tulsa is going to be Bermuda. Bermudagrass is a totally different animal. Chipping out of Bermuda, to me, is the most brutal thing there is in the world. For me it's going to be short game next week. I'm just going to get out there and really get used to around the greens, out of the rough. I mean, sometimes you can hit 7-iron to 230 out of that rough if you catch a flier. We'll see. It's a great golf course. It's one of those ones that's right in front of you, too, so I'm looking forward to it.

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