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August 1, 2007

Jim Furyk


Q. Just kind of maybe let me know what happened and how this all came about.
JIM FURYK: Well, I have some sort of injury to my upper back/rib area, and just it was tight hitting balls yesterday, and I made a swing and it really just kind of started tightening up. So I quit hitting balls as quick as I could and tried to get up here to the physio therapy trailers to try to get some treatment. But last night on Tuesday evening it was very tight and relatively painful. I'm very stiff right now, don't have a lot of movement in my upper back and then into my neck because of the connection.
Right now I don't know whether or not I'll be able to play, but I'll make that decision probably tonight and see how things are going. You know, I'm a little disappointed after playing so well last week and playing well, and coming to a place that is probably one of my -- it's in my top 5 events. I love the golf course and getting the chance to come here. But obviously the first thing is getting healthy.
I would love to try to be prepared and ready to go at the PGA, but if that's not the case, just get healthy and get strong. I've had a good stretch the last few months of playing, so it's a little easier to handle.

Q. Has this happened before, or is this the first time?
JIM FURYK: This isn't really any -- I guess the only thing that would be similar is before the U.S. Open last year. It was a totally different kind of set of circumstances. There I kind of snapped my head back trying to take some aspirin and just kind of pinched something in my neck.
This seems to be lower and doesn't really -- it may be related, but the symptoms are totally different, totally different side. There I was having a hard time turning to the right and now I'm having a hard time turning to the left. It seems to be relatively independent of the other. So I would say it's nothing I really did or that I can pinpoint it to, I just kind of went through my daily routine yesterday how I usually would. I went and worked out in the morning, came in here for treatment like I usually would to get loosened up for the week, went out to hit some balls and just never really felt all that well and made one swing that actually hurt quite a bit.

Q. So you had made other swings during your practice session?
JIM FURYK: Sure, I had kind of gone through my irons and was on the driver and just made a swing where it didn't feel right, and my upper back just felt like it was very, very stiff afterwards, and so I quit hitting balls and came up to get a look at it because I knew something just wasn't right. But from there it just kept getting stiffer and stiffer.

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