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July 28, 2007

Vijay Singh


NELSON SILVERIO: How about some general comments on your round today.
VIJAY SINGH: I was kind of disappointed with the way I finished. I thought I played a lot better than a 68 out there. I made a lot of mistakes that I normally wouldn't do, but that's the way golf is, I guess.
You know, still in the lead and hopefully I can limit those mistakes tomorrow and finish the job.

Q. Along those lines, do you feel like you let a chance go where you could have put these guys really far in your rear-view mirror?
VIJAY SINGH: You know, you can say it that way. But at the same time, you know, you get good breaks out there, as well. You know, I got up-and-down a few times, that was difficult up-and-downs. Got away with a bad tee shot on No. 11.
You know, end of the day, it evens out, but I played really well going to -- not making birdie on 15, bogeying 16, those things that normally I should take advantage of. But hopefully tomorrow I can fix all of those problems.

Q. (Were there a lot of difficult pin positions)?
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, very much so. There was -- yeah, they don't look that difficult from the fairways, but when you get to the greens, they put pins -- I've never seen pins on those slopey parts that we normally play on. Normally it's pretty flat.
But this week they have managed to find some really difficult ones out there that even we shake our head when you finish the hole.
Yeah, they need to do that, otherwise scoring would be really, really low. They need to put pins where 2-putting is, you know, you have to think about it and you don't just stand over the putt and just hit it. So there are a lot of holes where it's a simple shot and iron shot to the green but if you get up-and-down, it's two shots, you have to think about it.

Q. You said that you made some errors, uncharacteristic errors; were they course management error or swing errors; if they were the latter, what specific area of the game will you work on?
VIJAY SINGH: Those little half shots, those half-shots shots when you're in between clubs and you're not committed enough to go ahead and play it. You know, standing over the ball and the wind just kind of dies out, you still have to play the shot that you have picked out. I did it three times today and all three times, I managed to hit some bad shots.
So I'll look at it on the range and try and figure out, once you commit it, you've got to hit it. I've played so many years, you would think I would know it by now, but I guess we all get ahead of ourselves.

Q. Would you define the between placements today -- some players said this -- would you define it as "tricked up?"
VIJAY SINGH: Not tricked up, but very unusual. Very much the pins that you just wouldn't find on a normal, you know, normal tournament. There are pin placements out there where you can find flatter spots and pretty difficult, but they put it more closer to the middle of the green but pretty much on slope.
You can be ten feet away and pretty much impossible to make a putt unless you hit it with good speed.
But the slopes are not that severe where it's not possible to putt those. That's where they are putting it. The slopes are very slight slopes, so they are able to do those pin placements.

Q. (How was the speed of the greens)?
VIJAY SINGH: For bentgreens, they are a little slow. They have a lot of grain. I've never saw that much grain on bentgreens before. They are playing very much like bermuda funny enough because they are so grainy. We all have to play it, you know.

Q. Are they wet?
VIJAY SINGH: No, they are drying out very much. Except for my second shot on 18, bouncing forward or bouncing away. But they are getting firmed up. It's not as easy scoring as you thought playing on Tuesday and Wednesday. Once they firm up the greens and put the pins where they have been putting, it's pretty tricky.

Q. You're playing tomorrow with Steve Allan, a player who has not been in this position before, how much of an advantage do you think it is for yourself and your experience, have you had situations where you've walked away with these things against an inexperienced player or at least been able to, you know, use your experience?
VIJAY SINGH: Well, I mean, obviously he's playing very well to be in that position. So I cannot take anything lightly. I've got to go out there tomorrow and play my game and make a lot of birdies, don't make too many mistakes. I cannot play conservative golf. There's so many birdie opportunities out there that I've got to attack the golf course but smartly. I'm just going to play my game and I'm going to be shooting for, I would say, 15- or 16-under was going to win the golf tournament. So that's my initial mind-set will be that's the score that I have to get to.
But when I see it up tomorrow, it will be hole-by-hole and go out there and make as many birdies as I can.

Q. This is not about today's round, but I know Canadian fans are asking the question, you know, I'm certain they appreciate the fact that you're such a supporter of the event through the years; what's the affection that you have for Canadian events?
VIJAY SINGH: Well, I have a great relationship with Bell. I've been associated with them, not directly, but indirectly, for as many years as I've been coming over here. So if it wasn't for Bell, I probably wouldn't be coming over here.
I like playing here. I think it's a great event. I think it's run really well and it's one of the oldest events on TOUR. It's got a lot of prestige behind it. It's just that people don't realize it, or the pros don't realize it.
I like this event; I like the crowd; I like the people; why not come?

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