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July 28, 2007

Tom Watson


TOM WATSON: What would you like to know?

Q. Was this worse than yesterday in terms of conditions, more difficult?
TOM WATSON: The wind was more difficult earlier on, but then when the storm went through, it was somewhat difficult with the water. But then the wind just died for about two holes. Then the wind came back up in a different direction but not quite as difficult. I would have so say, no, overall it wasn't as difficult as yesterday.
It was a little bit harder wind earlier on, though. It was probably five miles an hour, three knots.

Q. You're in a very good position for tomorrow. Does your hunger and motivation to win tournaments burn as deeply as it always did?
TOM WATSON: It still burns a lot. I said many times the reason I'm out here still is to compete. I'd like to make some amends of what I did at the U.S. Senior Open, frankly. So tomorrow is a proving ground.

Q. Is there anything in particular from U.S. Senior Open?
TOM WATSON: Yeah, I'd like to shoot 33 on the back nine rather than 43.

Q. Is that one of your biggest disappointments in your career, recent career, that finish?
TOM WATSON: Yeah, a little bit of disappointment. But I have to say that you know, I've been through a lot of disappointments in my life, and it was not as great a disappointment as some of the other ones that meant more to me.
Yeah, it would have been a real disappointment if I only lost by one shot, but I lost by five or something, you know.

Q. The weather tomorrow, is it more of the same?
TOM WATSON: Well, I don't think there's any choice. I think we will see some more weather tomorrow.
I made a comment to Judy Rankin, boy, the sky was beautiful today with that storm coming in off the water. And then hitting the shot at 17, my second shot, the sun was shining to my back and just a dark, dark sky and the ball was just lit up, lit up even I could see it, my eyes, and it was a beautiful sight. That's a sight that I'll remember a long time, even though I didn't knock it on the green, I hit the wrong club. I had the three idea rather than the two idea. It was a beautiful, beautiful sight.
DAVE SENKO: Could we get your birdies and bogeys?
TOM WATSON: Yeah, actually I parred No. 1, made 5. I hit a drive in the left bunker and splashed it out and then I hit a 4-iron just through the green, 2-putted.
I birdied 7. 7, that kind of turned my round around because I hit it right into the teeth of the wind, just 4-iron, flushed it, knocked it to 12 feet and made the putt for birdie.
11, I bogeyed. I hit a tee ball like you. I hit a little flop-hook to the left, didn't get -- well, it got to the top of the hill. At least it got to the top of the hill, 215, and I chopped it out in the fairway and then I hit a bad pitch shot and kept it -- missed it to the right just a little bit, went down the slope. I had a difficult time 2-putting, although I made a good first putt up that big, steep slope. I had a bogey there.
13, I hit a 6-iron three feet from the hole for birdie. I hit a very good shot there.
And 17, I hit a 3-wood off the tee, three idea, and then I hit a very pivotal pitch shot to the top level of this little mound that kicked straight and rolled down the hill to about a foot and a half. Made a nice little Scottish shot.
I'm putting good again today. I was pretty happy with it today, as I was yesterday. The first day was not very good, but the last two days have been pretty good, so I'm happy with it.
DAVE SENKO: Thanks, Tom.

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