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July 28, 2007

Juli Inkster


THE MODERATOR: Currently at 6-under and has a 3-shot lead. Talk about how you played today.
JULI INKSTER: I played very well. I'm driving the ball well. I hit some really good irons and wedges and I'm putting good.
I've been really struggling with my putting the last month and played really horrible, so it's good to see that come around.

Q. Can we go over your scorecard?
JULI INKSTER: Sure. I birdied 1. Hit sand wedge in there about six feet and made birdie. I 3-putted 2. I was way to the right and left it about ten feet short and missed it.
7 I hit a little 9-iron about ten feet and made that for birdie. 10 I hit wedge about 15 and made that for birdie.
13 I 3-putted again. Missed about a three and a half-footer. 16 I hit sand wedge about 12 feet and made a good putt there.
18 I hit sand wedge about three feet and made that for birdie.
THE MODERATOR: Questions for Juli.

Q. Had you any chance going for it at 18?
JULI INKSTER: Well, I had 207 to the front. I mean, if it was tomorrow and I was behind by one or whatever, I just felt like it was kind of too risky of a shot for a Saturday so I laid up.
I figured the way I was hitting my wedges and putting I could make birdie that way too, and it worked out.

Q. You've been here before?

Q. How would you compare the way the course is playing this year?
JULI INKSTER: It's playing a lot tougher. Plus they've moved a lot of holes back since when I won. You know, like No. 7 we used to be able to get to, and 2. 16 is moved back, 2 they've moved back, 18 they have moved back since I played. It makes at that tougher.
Plus we never had the wind or rough wasn't up like it is this year. I think the course is playing tough. It's just the greens are getting firmer and it's a lot of undulation on them so I get to try to get them in the right spot.
I think the thing I'm doing the best is driving the ball well and getting the ball on the fairway and having opportunities.

Q. Were there any problems out there?
JULI INKSTER: Really I didn't -- couple three putts and that was it. But other than that I stayed -- No.4 I was close to not being in good shape, but I hit a good recovery shot and almost made birdie.
I just went and worked with a guy named Stan Utley last week on my putting, and he's really helped me. I finally feel like my putt has come around, and that's really been what's holding me back.
If you're not putting well you feel like you need to stuff everything. It puts more pressure on your short and long game. I made a good putt for par on 15 and 17 today. 17 I hit the wires. I hit a good shot and I hit the wires and I had to retee and then I missed the green.
Now I know how the NFL kickers feel when they have to replay something. I always thought it was no problem, but that's in the as easy as it looks.

Q. How long were the par saves on 15 and 17?
JULI INKSTER: On number 15 it was probably ten feet and on 17 I would probably say eight feet. So two good putts.

Q. A few players have said the wind has upset their game.
JULI INKSTER: It was tough out there. It was swirling. I had never had to hit -- even though I hit 3-wood off the 6 I never had to hit a little 5-iron in there. Today I had to hit a little 5-iron.
So it definitely is playing tough. And then with the greens firming up the downhill holes are not playing easy, so it's a challenge.

Q. How easy is it for you to keep your cool and composure round here, because it's quite a frustrating golf course in many respects?
JULI INKSTER: Well, the last month I've been really frustrated. When I'm playing well it's pretty easy. I just feel like I like this golf course. Get the ball on the fairways and you've got some opportunities, and that's kind of what I've been doing: Playing safe.
Hit a lot of 3-woods today because I'm hitting that good. You just get it in the fairway and then I'm hitting some good irons. Just trying to play very consist.

Q. Are you starting to look ahead to next week?
JULI INKSTER: A week, yes.

Q. Have you played St. Andrews?
JULI INKSTER: I have. I think I played it in 1982. I played with my husband. But, you know, I just remember a few holes. It's going to be great. I think we're going to wish we had this Evian sun. They think this is windy, I think next week is going to be a real awakening.

Q. This course obviously is very, very different.

Q. How are you feeling preparing for next week?
JULI INKSTER: It's all about getting competitive juices, getting in the hunt, hitting good shots, putting well. If you do those things well you can take that anywhere and play.

Q. What did Stan Utley tell you?
JULI INKSTER: Well, it was a lot in my setup. My stroke was a little bit off and the speed of my stroke was a little bit off. We worked on those things. He was really good. I was really glad I went and saw him.

Q. Whereabouts is he based?
JULI INKSTER: In Phoenix. I think it was like 120.

Q. And how does he spell his name?
JULI INKSTER: U-t-l-e-y.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Juli.

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