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July 27, 2007

Jim Furyk


Q. Stephen Ames thinks the course is still way too soft, where Snedeker found the course perfect conditions. How did you find the course?
JIM FURYK: Well, it was obviously different conditions today as far as in the afternoon. We teed off in a lot of wind. This morning, we had it pretty perfect, and even, you know, it got a little breezy for our second nine. But much, much better conditions to score in than we had yesterday.

Q. Yesterday, you said, we'll get our chance in the morning. So the course did play how you expected it to?
JIM FURYK: Well, I was hoping. You know, you're hoping when you get that real windy afternoon, you're hoping to come out the next morning and see it a little bit more calm. And yeah, we had it, this morning we had it perfect.
So not a lot of wind, and you know, you're getting on more fresh greens. I got off to a real quick start this morning during the first two. And 4 under on the first nine, so I was happy to take advantage of those conditions. And you know, it got a little breezy on the second nine, but still, much, much better conditions we saw than when we teed off yesterday.

Q. Are you hoping, Jim, that the guys who played yesterday morning get a little more breezy this afternoon, maybe even things up a little?
JIM FURYK: Well, it's like wishing ill-will probably doesn't work too well. There's got to be some bad Karma doing something like that. You know, you'd like to see it even out, but, obviously, you can't control that. Some weeks you're on the better end of the tee times, some weeks you're not. Until tonight you won't know what that better end was. You don't know what's in store for these guys this afternoon with rain or wind or maybe it will be good.
I was on the good end of the tee times last at the British Open. So at the end of the year it all evens out.

Q. Without knowing what they're going to do, are you feeling good about your position coming into the weekend?
JIM FURYK: I'm in decent shape, yeah. I really can't control what the leaders are doing. A lost guys at the top of the leaderboard are probably just through a few holes right now or just starting. So I won't know how 7-under stacks up until the day's over. But, you know, it could be in pretty good position, or it could be quite a few back. I'm not sure.

Q. There's not much change in the course. Do you see a lot of low numbers on the weekend if you don't get the wind?
JIM FURYK: Without wind, yeah, I think you're going to see some low scores. If it gets breezy though, you know, the golf course definitely changes quite a bit. Then all of a sudden, two, three under par becomes a good score. But yeah, if it's dead calm and conditions stay the same, as far as the greens being receptive, and they're rolling quite nicely, then that's a recipe for some pretty good scores.

Q. Are you looking at one or the other for yourself?
JIM FURYK: I really don't care. You just have to take the conditions as they come, and figure out a way to play well in all conditions.

Q. It's been a grind from where you were last week, and even though you got in here quick, it's still been a bit of a grind with the last three weeks?
JIM FURYK: Oh, you know, I haven't really looked at it that way. I also know I have two weeks behind this one that are very important. I love going to Akron, I love the golf course, and it being the World Golf Championship. Then, obviously, the major championship with the PGA, so trying to pace myself accordingly, and make sure that I feel fit and strong for all four events.

Q. Jim, you're quite a competitor. We've seen that for a long time. Going in as defending champion, do you feel almost a little extra that way or is it the same approach?
JIM FURYK: I guess it's a lot of the same approach. You know, it's nice to come back to a place you've won or tournament you've won before, especially the previous year. And this year without going back to Hamilton or going back to the same golf course, it's a little different. But I think it's great for this event to rotate courses throughout the country and to showcase Canada and some of the nice golf courses you do have.

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