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July 27, 2007

Anton Haig


Q. Great start to the season but it has been a while since you have been challenging?
ANTON HAIG: It was a great start but I didn't find my feet out here for a while. The celebrations went on for a bit longer than I expected. But I have knuckled down again and I am starting to play some good golf.

Q. What did that win in the Johhnie Walker Classic mean to you?
ANTON HAIG: It was life changing for me. I didn't have my European Tour card and from there I got a two year exemption. I went from having a huge amount of pressure to be able to go out and play your game without having to worry about securing your card. It has helped a lot and I am learning from it. I have made a few silly errors and I am trying to correct them.

Q. Are your expectations higher?
ANTON HAIG: Winning a tournament like that does make you think a bit higher and I have put pressure on myself. But doing the wrong things and not practising enough is going to cause problems in your golf game. I have realised things are wrong and I am changing them.

Q. Things have started to go well this week?
ANTON HAIG: I have started to strike the ball well again for the first time in a couple of months now and my putting has helped me. My coach at home has helped me out with a few things and hopefully I can get a second victory.

Q. Are you enjoying Hamburg?
ANTON HAIG: I am. Had a bit of fun fishing the other day in our hotel and being South African we tend to do a lot of fishing at home. It is great fun.

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