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July 26, 2007

Oliver Wilson


THE MODERATOR: Okay. Oliver Wilson, thanks very much for coming in and joining us. 6-under par, nice start to the Deutsche Bank Players' Championship of Europe.
OLIVER WILSON: Yes, very happy with that. You know, I got off to a nice start, steady, holed a few putts early on. So felt quite uncomfortable, to be honest, with my swing, but managed to keep putting well holing a few surprise towards the end, which was nice.

Q. Seven birdies out there?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, putting like that in every round, and I'll be in good shape.

Q. Joking aside, although last week didn't look so good, what's turned it around for you?
OLIVER WILSON: To be honest, I played really well last week, even though my scores didn't reflect it. I didn't get the best end of the draw. First up on Thursday was pretty horrendous for two, two and a half hours. Not blaming the weather completely, but it mostly to do with that.
When it stopped blowing and raining really heavily, when it just stopped -- when it got back down to drizzle towards that 10th hole, after that, I played really good. Last 27 holes, played really solid. I was very disappointed last week. But, fortunately, everything was coming together nicely, and obviously played well today, so it's really just an extension of that, really.

Q. Goals for the second half of the season that we're into now, what's on the agenda for you?
OLIVER WILSON: After this week, I've got a bit of a break. I'm going to take a little while off. I'm pretty exhausted. This is the sixth one in a row, so physically, I feel okay. Mentally, I'm not really there.
So I'm going to have a bit of a break and come back and play most things towards the end of the season, probably miss one of them in the middle to break it up. But just trying to really -- my main goal is Top 40 in the Order of Merit, but I think I can do much better than that. Dropped back these last few tournaments. That gives me a nice little goal. Hopefully I can get that sorted this year -- earlier this week, and concentrate on getting that first win before the end of the season, which would obviously get me into the HSPC, and so open up next year nicely as well.

Q. I was going to say the first win must be high on the agenda because you've had a couple of good chances. China, I think it was, last year you've been there?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, this year everything is starting to come together a lot more. Just scheduling-wise, I've just hurt myself a little bit this last stretch. Coming into the big tournaments, I just really haven't been fully prepared. I've been a little bit tired and not really mentally there, which is a shame because it sort of halted the season a little bit.
But, yeah -- I completely forgot what you said.

Q. The first win?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, yeah. I have the chances earlier in the season. I seemed to get up to good starts in the season. I like heat. I like it out in Asia. But just got to prepare a little better for the bigger tournaments.
I think if I have a nice little break after this, I'll be a good shape. And, you know, I just got to take a little bit of the pressure off as well. I'm just trying a little bit to hard most of the time. I feel like I should be in contention most weeks, but just making silly mistakes, which is all halting me at the end of each round and end up finishing in the middle of the pack, which is obviously not good enough.

Q. When you say you've played too many events, is it just tricky to turn down very rich events, do you think, or a lot of money that week, a lot of money next week?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah. The main problem, I was fine all the way up until the British Open Qualifying. Played well there, and I still played Ireland, which is that week, which was really a school boy error really. Should have had that week off and got ready for the British Open and then and this. I thought it was going to be a better field than it was actually in the end. Yeah, I was playing nicely and wanted to keep playing. But it's one of those learning curves, I suppose. I'll know better for next time. If I'd have taken that week off, I think I would have been in much better shape these last few weeks.

Q. Details of your birdies and one bogey, as well?
OLIVER WILSON: On 10, hit a really good drive, actually. Yesterday, I was swinging bad and wasn't really feeling too comfortable today before I went out. I managed to strike one down the middle, which got everything going really. Hit a good shot into about ten feet and made a good putt, sort of a tricky right to left or so. It's a nice way to start, solid. Then played really solid up through the 13th. And then played a bit more aggressive, managed to give myself about six to eight feet and managed to land in the middle of it.
Every putt around the hole seems to have a lot of break. Lot of breaks down there, quite tricky holing out.
I got to 16, par 5, hit not a great drive, left me the wrong way, 3-wood just short of the green, hit a decent pitch up to about six feet. That one was dead straight, but very strange around the hole. Looks very deceiving to be honest.
17, hit a bad driver in the rough, laid up, hit a decent wedge to that, left it about 15 feet left of the flag and managed to sneak that one in the left side, which was a bit of a bonus, really, because I wasn't very happy with the wedge.
Like I said, around the holes, really tricky. You know, they do a lot of things late and it's a bit hard to commit because you're never quite sure what it's going to do.
First, I hit a good drive down the middle and I was just getting into -- I hit a couple of bad shots in a row, and hit an awful shot. There was quite a strong left-to-right wind, try not to hit it short myself, just awful shot. Missed the tee left for about 140 yards. So chipped it down, not a very good chip again, about 10-foot, misread it, and hit about a foot. Wasn't very good after the driver.
3rd, just hit a good drive, actually, but just fell into the bunker on the right. Laid up with a 5-iron, got about 83 yards to the flag, hit a lob wedge right at it. So 8, 10 feet behind of hole club. Outside left, straight into the middle there.
Missed a couple good chances on the next two, obviously. Then got to the next par 5, hit a good driver. Tricky driver with the wind straight up the left. And then hit a good 3-wood straight over to abut 40 feet behind the hole on the back edge to about two-foot, and nearly missed it.
And then 8, hit a great drive again, trying to be a bit more aggressive. Didn't hit a very good wedge. Gust of wind got it. Hit on the middle of the green. I was a long way away there. Darren Fichardt was on the same line, similar line. He sort of showed me the line. And I said, Hey, great. Best play all day actually, that one straight into the middle, so I was happy to hold a little one on the par.

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