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July 26, 2007

Sam Torrance


Q. What happened on the 9th, Sam?
SAM TORRANCE: It broke my heart. The drive pitched within three feet from the ball marker; he was alert, he was watching, but he couldn't find it. It literally landed there next to him. It was a poor drive, it deserved to be in the rough but I didn't deserve to lose it. Then of course I knocked it on the front edge of the green and three-putted. Every great disaster finishes with a three putt. But it was great to come back on that back 9 with a 33. It's a tough 9.

Q. The scores around you are very high, which makes it an even better round for you?
SAM TORRANCE: It felt good and my swing was good. Around 9, 10, 11 the weather was very bad, but you boys were okay in the bow, eh?

Q. How's your hand injury?
SAM TORRANCE: It's okay, but I'm not shaking hands. I did it once last week as I forgot, and I thought 'you stupid boy'. I won't do it again.

Q. How does the course compare with former Opens held here?
SAM TORRANCE: It's tougher than I've seen it at any of them. It's just as long and that's great, as it's the fairest open venue that there is, so why not play it a bit tough? Just a little bit of respite would be nice - maybe a couple more inches on the fairways. But the scoring's excellent.

Q. Your caddie obviously clubbed you right then Sam? It'd be good to see two father and son combinations coming down the stretch on Sunday afternoon, with you and Daniel versus Nick and Matthew.
SAM TORRANCE: Yes, Daniel did well. My caddie was good (he's listening in now.) Yes, it would be nice to have two father and son combinations on Sunday. He might have his grandfather here too - the whole family!

Q. Were you surprised Nick shot a 68?
SAM TORRANCE: Not at all, not at all. He's a greatest ever player, isn't he? He's very special and I had no doubts he'd play well. He's a liar as well - he's been practicing! He's been hitting balls for three months. He's too proud. He wouldn't come out here not prepared. I know he said he hadn't played for eight months, but that's competitively for eight months. Seriously, he has put in a great performance though.

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