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July 26, 2007

Brittany Lincicome


PAM WARNER: Great round, 6-under, tied for the lead, talk about how you played today.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: You know it kind of started a little slow and I finally made a couple birdies there. Made two actually really long putts and then made an eagle and was like, okay, I was only two back. And was just trying to get it to around 6, figured if I got it up there somewhere around 7, I would be close. 3-putted on the par 3 No. 14, but had to wait for like 30 minutes on the tee box, so I was kind of a little out of rhythm a little bit. You lose your feel a little faster and then made an eagle on the last hole, so that was exciting.

Q. How did you get your eagle? What clubs did you hit?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: The eagle was on No. 4 -- No. 9, I'm sorry. I actually hit an easy 4-iron, so I believe it was around 185 yards and I hit to about five inches. It was actually really close.

Q. Have you ever had a double-eagle?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: No, unfortunately. I told my caddie, like "What were you thinking!" I should have hit it a little harder.

Q. And at last, what did you hit in?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: On the 18th? I hit driver, 5-iron. Actually didn't hit it very good at all, and fortunate to get it back on the green.

Q. Can you just talk about having Greg on the bag this year and not your father?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: You know, I love Dad, he was great my first year out. It was great to have somebody calm your nerves at your side, somebody you know.
This year, Greg has been a blessing from God, I think he's the best caddie ever; obviously because he's working for me. He knows so much information. He's been on Tour for a long time, 20 years now. So he knows the golf courses, the breaks and so much more information than Dad and I would obviously take 20 years to learn. So he knows a lot of information. All I have to do is hit the ball. It's just so much easier.

Q. What were your expectations before you started?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: You know, just decent start, give myself a chance. My dad always told me you can't win it on the first day, but you can obviously lose or get out of contention in the first round.
Definitely looking for 2- or 3-under to start and actually never looked at the leaderboard and actually looked at it on one of the holes because it happened to be there and it was at 8. So I thought, if I kept it around 4, I was going pretty good and had a couple good putts coming in.

Q. Now that you are at the top of the leaderboard, are you going to change your point of view for tomorrow?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: For tomorrow, no, 6-under, that's pretty good. If I keep doing that, or even half of that, I should be fairly close.

Q. How were the greens today, and did they get worse during the round?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: They were really good to start. Obviously we had so much rain in the last couple of days that they got a little bumpy towards the end. But it's not the course or the maintenance crew's fault. Obviously there's so much rain, you walk on the greens, you can see your spike marks and everything so it's just unfortunate that we had so much weather. They were great to start, a little bumpy towards the end, but not too bad.

Q. You're going to have a late start tomorrow, too.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, I get to sleep in.

Q. Do you think it's fair to play twice on the greens?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: You know, it's golf. Obviously everybody towards the top, the leaders are going off later, so we're all going to be playing in the same elements, so it's going to be fine. Maybe they will be a little bit drier tomorrow which will be good.
It was hot. I thought I was protecting myself but my face feels really, really sunburn -- no? It feels burnt.

Q. You had a great round today. Are you pleased to be back at Evian and how did you feel about the tournament?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: It's my second year and I think it's a fantastic tournament. Anything you need, anybody is always willing to try to get it for you which is fantastic. Great facilities, great practise facilities, big greens. I like it. I love it. It's so beautiful here.
PAM WARNER: Thank you.

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