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July 22, 2007

Richard Green


BERNIE McGUIRE: Ladies and gentlemen, we've got Richard Green. Richard, thanks for joining us. Congratulations for setting the equal course record. Give us your thoughts about the round today.
RICHARD GREEN: It was a very difficult start, and obviously the weather conditions were pretty tough. I was very pleased to have got off to the start I did. I don't normally play that well in waterproofs, wet gear. It's obviously a demanding enough game as it is, let alone restricting yourself.
I was very pleased to start. To play the first seven holes 3-under par in horrible conditions was an ideal start to the day. And obviously it brightened up and made the middle and the rest of my round fairly normal. I played very nicely through the middle and all the rest of the round really; it was good.

Q. What were you thinking there towards the end of your round? Were you focusing on playing the game or were you starting to look at the leaderboard and think maybe if I could post a score I could do something here?
RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, I definitely knew where I was positioned in the tournament over the last few holes. I guess -- I had my focus on shooting the course record for some reason. I had 8-under in my mind. I guess having that focus in my mind took the notice a bit away from my position in the tournament and gave me a good opportunity to finish off the round as good as I could. I was pleased with that.

Q. Did you have a sense of being in the zone?
RICHARD GREEN: Definitely, I was as focused as I ever was in a golf tournament. In situations where I've won before it was equal to today.

Q. What part of the round did you get that sense, that feeling?
RICHARD GREEN: I pretty much had it after the 6th hole when I birdied. Especially when the weather conditions brightened up, I knew the course was going to offer up a few opportunities if I kept hitting the ball well, and fortunately they came along.

Q. Did you feel any particular pressure either on your tee shot or the last putt on the 18th?
RICHARD GREEN: I definitely did. It's a very demanding hole. It's just over 500 yards long, and the tee shot is very -- there's so much trouble there, you really have to try to focus on what you're going to do and put a good swing on it. I felt like I put a good swing of it and the ball started a yard left and ended up in the rough. That's as precise as you have to be.

Q. Can you just take us through the emotions of that putt on 18 that would have been a 63 and then also talk about what a round like this at Carnoustie is going to do for you for the rest of the year?
RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, I mean, I suppose with my emotions on the last green, I thought it was obviously going to be fantastic to make that putt and I gave myself as good an opportunity, I read it as well as I could possibly have read it. And probably hit as good a putt as I was going to hit and just missed on the low side, which was a shame. But I suppose -- it was a little bit disappointing not to have posted 6-under for the tournament and not have a better chance to win the tournament.
But I was walking off after that, I was very happy with my round of golf. It leaves me in good stead for the rest of the year. Obviously playing well in a British Open and if not a win, it will be probably my best result in a major tournament and the British Open, as well. It left me with some good experience, and hopefully I'll contend in some more.

Q. What was your lie like in the rough there on the left? Did you give any thought to a bit of a Ballesteros type shot and knocking it on to the green?
RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, if the lie was any better I probably would have had a go. I was talking to my caddie, Stuart [Dryden], on the last hole, if it's good I'll have a go; if it's not it probably answers the question for you.
I knew 4 that I was going to make up for the last was going to be -- it sort of made the decision for me.

Q. How was your form coming into -- I think you missed the cut in Scotland but made one in Austria?
RICHARD GREEN: It was really, really good leading up to when I won in Austria. And obviously after I won I had a couple of weeks off and probably lost a little bit of form. But I played a couple of very difficult weeks, the French Open, over in Ireland, and then up in Scotland, played some really, really tough golf. I didn't play that well; I didn't play obviously as well as I can play.
But I still -- in Scotland last week I missed the cut, but I still knew that my swing was good. I knew my putting was good. I knew everything was in good shape and everything was ready for this week.
It's a bit of a funny feeling missing the cut and feeling ready for an Open Championship. But in the end it showed my game this week.

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