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July 22, 2007

Ben Curtis


BEN CURTIS: I thought it was a great round. Last night I was pretty frustrated with how I've been hitting the ball all week, and today I had a shorter warm-up and things just started to click right from the beginning.

Q. And a former Open champion, another top-10 or top-12 finish, that must make you feel really good?
BEN CURTIS: Yeah, anytime you finish top-20 in a major you've played extremely well. It was too bad, I almost felt like I wanted the rain to keep coming. But just now it's a nice day out there and the course is just playing great.

Q. Bearing in mind the bad weather early on, I see obviously you wear the gear from the National Football League back home and you chose the Dolphins today, so you obviously knew something we didn't?
BEN CURTIS: You know, it was funny, because the thing is the Giants and the Dolphins are playing over here in a couple of months in a regular season football game, so I've been wearing them all week. And unfortunately today I wore the Dolphins and it had to be the worst day. It was just quite funny.

Q. It's often been said that you guys from the States don't play quite so well in bad weather. How did you knuckle down and try to get through that today?
BEN CURTIS: I think you just step up and hit it. You can't worry about what the weather is doing, because everybody has to play in it at some point. You just have to go out there and play golf and not really think about it and just try to hit the shots the best you can.

Q. Did you think you had a round like this in you in these conditions?
BEN CURTIS: Not really. I didn't hit the ball good all week, and I've been driving it fairly well, but the irons were pretty poor and today I actually had a shorter warm-up and just went out there and played to see what happened. If it was 5-over or 5-under, who cares, and I hit the ball really well.

Q. You feel pretty good it's 5-under?
BEN CURTIS: Yeah. It was just one of those days you make a couple of long putts and just got things going really well.

Q. Is it hard at all to motivate knowing that starting as far back as you are and looking at the weather when you get out there, what's your mindset when you first come in?
BEN CURTIS: I think you just try to stay patient and not let it get away from you, because it could easily -- 6- or 7-over, you can easily shoot that on a day like today. I just went out there and tried to focus on hitting good shots and hitting good putts. Once you get going you just kind of feed off of it.

Q. It's got to feel good leaving here on this note.
BEN CURTIS: Oh, exactly. I think the last three years have been a little disappointing for me here, coming here. This year I just -- the main goal was to make the cut, and then after that you obviously want to play well to try to get in contention.
I played extremely well yesterday. I could have shot 4- or 5-under yesterday, as well, but it just didn't happen.

Q. Were you thinking coming down the stretch about Stricker's course record yesterday? Was that in your mind?
BEN CURTIS: No, not at all. I was just trying to make birdies at that point. Obviously 16 and 17 you want to hit quality shots to give yourself chances. If you don't, you want to make par at worst to keep a round like that going.
And on 18 I had a pretty good yardage and actually skinned it a little bit and it actually ended up perfect. It's one of those rounds you're trying to go as low as you can; you don't think about anything else.

Q. It's Dolphins today, any reason you have that?
BEN CURTIS: No, the Giants and the Dolphins are playing here in October, so I'm just promoting that this week.

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