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July 20, 2007

Pat Hurst


July 20, 2007
Q. Just talk about your round overall today?
PAT HURST: Yeah, played pretty safe. Made one birdie and one bogey, I'm not sure. Just played pretty steady. The wind was out there, and it made it tough at times. But made a lot of -- I hit a lot of good shots, hit a lot of good putts and they just weren't falling. Just played steady.

Q. The prospect of playing 36 in this format, is this something you look forward to or does it get difficult?
PAT HURST: I don't know who looks forward to playing 36. I definitely don't. But if we're playing 36, we're going something good. I think the adrenaline pushes you through, so it's okay.

Q. Is that something that it's more taxing mentally or is it more taxing physically?
PAT HURST: I would say both, but I think your adrenaline pushes you threw no matter what. I think come Monday or Tuesday whoever has to play 36, they will be really tired. But in the moment, yeah, your adrenaline is just pumping and you keep pushing and you just go through it and it works.

Q. What are your thoughts on the changes to the course?
PAT HURST: I like them. I do like them. You know, the greens are not as severe. I don't know the holes but the par 3 over here is definitely not as severe. Still severe, but not as severe as it used to be. You know, I think the changes have been good.

Q. Are you going to play St. Andrews?
PAT HURST: Who would not play there? Of course I am. I'm looking forward to it.

Q. Is that a nice barrier to have knocked down?
PAT HURST: I think so. I think most of us are excited about going there, and if you're not, you're crazy; that's where it all started. There's a lot of history there and I'm just looking forward to going there and seeing what it's like.

Q. You've never played there?
PAT HURST: No, never been there. I have to say, I'm anxious to get over there and see what it's like. I can't wait. You know, I just want to experience it.

Q. Do you think it's taken a long time to get to that point?
PAT HURST: Yeah, but you know, we've come a long way. So we can't complain. It's part of the LPGA, we're moving forward, and this is just a step in the right direction.

Q. Is that still one of those places where the golf fan comes out in you as much as the competitor?
PAT HURST: What do you mean?

Q. Just something you have to experience as part of your golf life?
PAT HURST: I think anybody who is in this profession who is playing golf would like to see where it all started, where it started and the history. If it wasn't for St. Andrews, I wouldn't be here doing what I'm doing. So I can't wait to get there and I'd just like to experience it.

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